Appointment Setting – Does It Suit A Janitorial Image?

At first glance, the process of appointment setting does not seem to fit the image of a janitorial service. Do you really need a long client meeting in order to find a cleaning job? Actually you do. You might just be under the false assumption that appointment setting hooks you up for a long, costly discussion.

Simplifying Appointment Setting Leads To Simplified Appointments

Appointment Setting, Janitorial Appointment Setting, Sales LeadsNobody can blame you for wanting things simple. A janitor’s work is not exactly complicated whether you see it from either their perspective or from that of their firm’s employer. In fact, you might even be afraid of alienating your work force when you set up an appointment setting campaign for janitorial leads. Going to business meeting while they head off to do their own jobs sounds like a very negative contrast.

Still, maybe you can all come to an understanding if you keep your appointment setting process simple and show them that even a janitorial firm requires cleaning services leads.

  • Explaining things to prospects – Some people underestimate the task of managing janitors and how it may add up to their own management costs. With appointment setting, your employees can see it as a way of showing how you all would do a better job for that business. They have you as a good employer and you have them as a reliable work force. Furthermore, the way you manage them also extends to how you want your customers to treat them while they are there. Appointments can help explain the terms of agreement you have with your B2B customer.

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  • Use simple appointment tools – Again, appointment setting does not have to put you in boardrooms with clients. Sometimes the sales conversation can happen over the phone and can end with your salespeople just dropping by to get things signed. The purpose of janitorial appointment setting is to make sure those same salespeople are only meeting with people who are ready to outsource your janitorial services. If closing the deal does not really need much discussion and finalizing, then the tools you can use can be just as simple.
  • It helps you to inform them – Appointment setting can also foster more transparency between you and your people. That is another reason why it is an important step in any B2B sales process. The sooner you know what prospects want, the sooner you can relay it to them. This keeps them from running into unexpected demands. It also reminds them of what you are doing to make sure the business stays open. Things like adding new services and targeting new industries need to be announced so that your people know what they are signing up for.

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Again, an appointment setting strategy should not necessarily imply you have gone on to sip cocktails and make fancy presentations unbeknownst to your janitorial employees. It can suit their image, the image of your business, if you opt to simplify instead and emphasize focus on the benefits of janitorial sales leads.

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