Appointment Setting – Don’t Get Excited Over Every New Marketing Trend

For commercial cleaners, getting the attention of business owners for appointment setting seems like a taller order compared to just marketing consumers. Yet despite that, you have to wonder why there are many articles that don’t distinguish B2B from B2C firms when they champion a certain new form of marketing.

Take Pinterest for example. Like its predecessors Facebook and Twitter, it’s been hailed as another new step in social media marketing. Yet even today, companies still are at a loss as to exactly how to make use of it to drive brand awareness. This article from iMediaConnection should provide you with just a few examples:

‘As an industry, I don’t think we have fully grasped what we are going to use it for,’ says Shane Ginsberg, SVP of corporate development at Organic. ‘It has a very narrowly defined demographic, mostly women in the United States. Despite the hype effect it’s currently going through, it still inherently and should be driven by users, not brands. We have seen this movie so many times — remember Second Life? Let’s never confuse evaluation hype with brand utility.’”

In B2B appointment setting, there should be a balance between those driving the channel. This isn’t about pitting businesses versus customers but simply admitting that not every new outlet for marketing materials is going to pan out successfully because it’s friendlier to one side over the other:

Pinterest users do not go to Pinterest to read. They aren’t looking to have a conversation with the guy they sat next to in eighth grade biology — or your brand.”

Media executives agree that it’s hard to inherently promote within the Pinterest space. It’s a fine line between providing content and overly promoting to an audience that is not in the mood to be promoted to.”

Another example would be mobile marketing. Granted, you may have a bigger chance of getting cleaning leads compared to just Pinterest. Many business owners have smartphones and tablets while it’s also very reasonable to assume they use it when searching for B2B services like office cleaning.

Regardless, too much excitement can rush you to start your campaign without prior knowledge about the limitations. This article from Search Engine Watch has several mobile marketing tips that hint to these limitations:

1. Separate Your Budgets – Start with the money. Separate your budgets. If you’re going to treat desktop and mobile campaigns differently, you’ll need to spend differently on them as well. A separate budget will give you much more control and allow you to turn it up or down as necessary.”

5. Don’t Copy Your Desktop Ads – Instead, write mobile specific ones by taking search queries into account to understand searcher intent. Look for common themes in these queries to get an indication of the searcher’s behavior.”

In other words, you still need to take a step back and actually think how this is going to work for you, even under a certain assumption that it will. Also, don’t neglect older, traditional forms of marketing just because they don’t come off as revolutionary (e.g. direct mail marketing, telemarketing). And again, even if they get a fair share of hype, don’t let your excitement get the better of you and actually figure out how to make them work as much as all the new ones you keep hearing about.

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