Appointment Setting Tips – Explain “Da Rules”

If you (or your kids) ever watched Fairly Odd Parents, you can see a running gag that can actually apply to appointment setting. Despite the supposedly ‘unlimited’ power of Timmy’s wishes, there have been many times when a wish flops because of “Da Rules”. Likewise much as you want to grant your prospect’s every wish, there are just some things your services cannot guarantee.

Using Appointment Setting To Elaborate Terms Of Service

Appointment Setting, Janitorial Appointment Setting, Sales LeadsThis little running gag usually starts with Timmy trying to make a wish only for the wands of his fairies to go kaput before getting smacked by a thick, falling book aptly titled “Da Rules”. What kids do not realize but you might is that “Da Rules” are very much like the Terms of Service agreements you have with prospects. In appointment setting, discussing such agreements is of great importance to both qualifying janitorial leads and the success of sales.

Granted, it might not be a good appointment setting strategy to literally drop your ToS on your prospect’s heads. That will not stop it from getting the drop on them in other ways.

Therefore, to ensure that things go well for both appointment setting and to the appointment itself, make sure your campaign already explains the following:

  • What you cannot do.
  • Why you cannot do it.
  • What consequences are there.

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Some marketers might say that an impression like that comes off as negative. It might not be a good idea to discuss your limitations when an appointment setting strategy is supposed to get prospects eager about your business. Fortunately, there is a way for your appointment setting campaign to explain these limitations slowly and without dampening your prospect’s hopes.

  • Do not mention them first – It is mentioning limitations right away that can compromise your success in janitorial appointment setting. You should always start with highlighting the wonderful cleaning services that your janitors can provide. Furthermore, it is when explaining what you can do that you can start hinting towards what you cannot do.
  • Start hinting them midway – Once a prospect is well-informed, the next phase of your appointment setting process should be to qualify that prospect. This is the step where you prospect must start realizing what they need to do in turn in order to acquire your services. And again, this heavily depends on how much interest you have established in the previous step.

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  • Never forget the disclaimer – Finally, you need to properly position your disclaimer at the end of the appointment setting process. Once a janitorial lead has been qualified, they should be able to understand the implications of a ToS during the client meeting. But at the same time, the disclaimer can serve as a reminder of why such limitations are reasonable.

You do not want to ruin an otherwise effective appointment setting process just because a prospect has overestimated the range of your services. On the other hand, just like Timmy, they could stand to learn a lesson about how those rules only make appointment setting a more fruitful experience. Make sure your janitorial sales leads are not qualified until they know “Da Rules”.

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