Appointment Setting Tips – Know When The Time Is Now!

Timing is important in appointment setting. However, sometimes your janitorial services could be called to act immediately and your appointment setting process may not be able to bear the strain of the sudden change. On the other hand, the same rigid appointment setting style can also irritate prospects who are quite in a hurry and cannot afford to wait until the time is right for you.

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Why Appointment Setting Should Be More Flexible

There are plenty of cases when your janitorial business is the equivalent of an employee who does not make any effort to work until ‘it is time to.’ Granted, everyone needs a break but so do your prospects. Your appointment setting process should not delay your qualified janitorial sales leads too quickly. Open it up and see why an earlier or more immediate time seems so important to them:

  • It is actually not much of a task – Sometimes they may not really want to set an appointment but actually follow up. Think of it like the small task of organizing the broom closet before the actual work day starts. Your appointment setting strategy is supposed to prepare both businesses and prospects for closing any deal. A small favor like calling at an earlier time could be all you need!

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  • Things are starting to fall apart – Well, maybe your prospect’s work place is not exactly tumbling down but the situation can still be critical for them. The sooner you speed up the appointment setting process, the sooner you can get to work. An earlier time can mean nothing if this means your janitorial appointment setting process just netted you long, prosperous business relationship.
  • They have no other time available – Some prospects are busy too. If you really want your appointment setting campaign to get you just a few more opportunities, you would grab this chance by making the extra effort. Who knows? It might just show how willing your business is as a whole when it comes to working just a little earlier.

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Using your appointment setting strategy to just stick to your own time can be quite restrictive and as a result, your success will be restrictive as well. Why not just loosen it up a little bit just to generate janitorial leads a little more?

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