Are Your Janitorial Sales Leads Too Restricted?

Sometimes you come across sales leads for your janitorial company and feel like a prospect has more don’ts than they have dos. Sure, that seems fine (especially if following instructions to the letter has been the forte of your company). Although, does it feel like the last straw when these sales leads turn into bad deals and that your prospect blames you despite how their restrictions are the reason for your ‘bad performance?’

How To Get More Freedom Out Of These Sales Leads

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The critical part here lies in both proving how your restrictions are only obstructing you from your duties and at the same time, proving yourself worthy of any responsibility you have should your prospect lift their restrictions. Does that sound too complicated for just getting a few sales leads? Below is a simple breakdown of how you can generate such janitorial leads:

  • Step 1: Review what has been asked of you – Start by going back to your sales leads and looking to the basic needs that your prospect wants fulfilled. List them down but make sure to note which one will be most affected due to the restrictions they applied.
  • Step 2: Ask who is responsible for these restrictions – Qualifying sales leads means targeting the decision maker authorized to enlist your services. However, you might not want to stop there but leave an extra word or two for whoever could be authorized to bar you from accomplishing your tasks. This does not mean you qualify sales leads with the intention of creating friction but actually align the two parties.

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  • Step 3: Give them the straightest facts first – Getting sales leads with the hard, simple facts about janitorial needs is a tried and true tactic. But in this case, you need to apply that tactic by starting with the hardest and simplest reasons why you cannot accomplish what has been asked of you because you cannot enter in this area or fix up this portion.
  • Step 4: Listen to prospects – Even should your reasoning convince, it helps to listen to why prospects were hesitant in the first place. (After all, you get more janitorial sales leads from being more of a listener in general.) Asides from their reasons, pay attention to what more they expect of you or at least make sure to promise you will not cause the trouble they fear you might should they cease applying certain rules to you.

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It can be tempting to simply revolt and reject your sales leads on the grounds that their demands are impossible. However, there are times when you need more sales leads and your only hope could be to use your janitorial lead generation tools to have them loosen a few locks so you can do your job.

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