Assure Accountability To Your Prospects When Pursuing Janitorial Leads

Now, ideally, outsourcing to a janitorial service should mean you are the one responsible for the actions of your employees. You want institutions like schools to outsource your services and your personnel because it would alleviate the burden of handling people who are performing a necessary but still non-core function (in this case, expert janitorial services). This willingness to take responsibility is your selling point and is a common claim among B2B marketers who are looking attract janitorial leads.

However, are you willing to feel the weight of that responsibility should you discover that your workers were involved in a scandal? For example, what if some of your janitors bore witness to a crime that happened on your client’s establishment? What will you advise? What course of action would you take? If you don’t demonstrate how willing you are to take responsibility, then you won’t establish enough trust. Naturally, you won’t have as many janitorial leads because few businesses have enough trust in you.

More importantly though, trust has a direct effect on your relationship with your client.

All of this ties to your accountability as their employer. And when you’re marketing your business, that accountability will reflect upon you when you’re marketing your business. Therefore, you should be prepared to take any necessary actions needed to ensure your clients of your responsibility. Obviously, they should also be informed. Use an appointment setter to schedule a quick meeting so you can fill them on a routine course of action. It’s also an appropriate way to present agreements with your future clients. All in all, it pays to sit back and recall the importance of ethics even in B2B.

Because if you don’t, the consequences won’t be pretty. Take this report from CleanLink on how criminal actions affect company reputation). In fact, it may not just stigmatize a single contractor but an entire industry (which includes you)!

Dealing with schools and other educational institutions is another example. Take the case of Penn State and the horrifying scandal surrounding Jerry Sandusky, a famous football coach recently convicted on multiple accounts of sexually abusing minors. However, like many similar abuse scandals, perhaps what makes his case quite horrendous was that these abuses happened over a course of 15 years.

But can you guess why this was so? Well this Fox News article alleged that a ‘culture of silence’ prevented any action from being taken from within. And guess what? This culture pervaded across levels and reached all the way down to the janitors.

“Reporting the assault ‘would have been like going against the president of the United States in my eyes,’ a janitor told Freeh’s investigators. ‘I know Paterno has so much power, if he wanted to get rid of someone, I would have been gone.’ He went on to assert that ‘football runs this university.’

Freeh said Thursday the janitors ‘were afraid to take on the football program. If that’s the culture at the bottom, God help the culture at the top.’”

In either case, if somebody had more responsibility over the janitors, scandals like this wouldn’t happen. Reputation in turn, wouldn’t have been lost. The one with responsibility would neither have been charged of bad practices nor would their janitors be unwilling participants in a crime. Remember that when you are actually promising responsibility, you are taking an oath and both your current clients and future clients will hold you to that oath. Failure to do so will only betray their trust and put an end to both present and future business relationships.

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