Cleaning Leads Must Flow Out Of A Well-Aligned Strategy

Think of cleaning leads like water in a pipe. If the pipeline is properly aligned and connected properly, water flows out evenly and to the right places. It’s the same when they go down the drain. On the other hand, should there be some kind of mix-up in the pipeline, problems arise. You could have too little water coming out. Your drain might not empty properly. In fact, anything else improperly connected to the same supply could also be affected (and vice-versa).

If you think this analogy is for a sales pipeline or funnel, not entirely. It actually applies specifically to how each of your strategies are aligned in taking your prospects through the sales process and qualifying your cleaning leads.

For example, suppose you came across this article from Business Insider:

This comes in many forms, from companies creating a new Instagram persona to them integrating the photo stream site onto their actual company websites. Urban Outfitters owned Free People, for example, uses Instagrammers who post shots in the retailers’ jeans as models on the company website.

In the same vein, VenueSeen launched a management and CRM tool that that allows brands to run Instagram campaigns that integrate onto their company websites.”

The use of visual media to attract sales leads is not an uncommon practice even among B2B businesses. On the other hand, if you’re a commercial cleaner, how can you align the use of the aforementioned tools for your own industry? How can you align it with the rest of your other marketing strategies?

While it may be that you’ll need more than a single form of marketing these days, you’d still be better off getting them to work together as components than individual pieces. If you want another example, Search Engine Watch has another article that emphasizes the importance of aligning SEO with social media marketing:

If SEO and social media teams work in silos and don’t communicate nearly enough, they can’t form a well-coordinated, comprehensive marketing plan.Therefore, it’s extremely important that SEO is integrated into social media activity. What follows are some specific tactics that can be used to increase the impact that your social media activities have on SEO performance.”

This doesn’t just apply to purely digital channels either. Multi-channel alignment can also include offline marketing tactics such as telemarketing as well as attendance to relevant trade shows. Consider this: Today’s B2B prospect may now have the internet to search for relevant cleaning services but they could still use a phone conversation when it comes to making their inquiry. Some of these could also be too busy in their day to search so an outbound telemarketing call is still an option when it comes to driving traffic towards it.

Failure to align different channels runs the risk of giving different impressions (hence, the analogy with actual water pipes). You leave every, single channel on their own and they might struggle with their individual flaws as well compared to a higher number of commercial cleaning leads. Having one or two process outsourced is not much of a factor either so long as you’re closely cooperative with your providers. Start aligning your strategies today and get your leads flowing out right.

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