Commercial Cleaning Leads – The Difference Between Professional Expertise And Presumptuous Expertise

Given the wide availability of information today, even small companies are gaining the capacity to determine their needs even before vendors. And when they’ve determined their needs, they’ve already determined from whom they will acquire B2B products and services (including janitorial ones).

Once this happens, you’ll have little chance of convincing them otherwise when that entity turns out to be a very big competitor. The trick to avoiding this though is it’s no longer a race to finding out who can provide for needs first. It’s about who can identify those needs ahead of everyone, even those within your target market.

Does this sound impossible? Not necessarily. It’s simply about identifying the kind of companies that aren’t knowledgeable about evaluating their janitorial needs. They’re out there and you just need to walk the fine line between being professional and presumptuous in your input. To start, here are a few types of companies you might want to immediately target:

  • New businesses – Companies that are just about to start up might be too focused on mastering their core functions and consider investment in in-house cleaning services a lower priority. You can’t blame them though because it’s their core functions that will bring success to their own business. Besides, that just makes them the ideal company to target because your professional expertise on workplace maintenance clearly surpasses their own.
  • Core-oriented businesses – Following the first, there are those who still prefer to focus on their core businesses even if they’ve already started but are still quite small. Like the first, they list non-core functions as a lower priority. These companies are also the type to outsource such functions so it’s really important to get to them first before they start screening for candidates.
  • Rapidly growing businesses – Businesses who are experiencing rapid success and are in the midst of fast growth have their attentions stretched across many areas. They might be using the growth to outsource companies they deem better or to expand their own services. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for these companies when you’re generating cleaning sales leads.

All three types tend to be generally small so you have to be careful about how you make contact with them. Some of their decision makers might only be accessible through email. Others still stick to receiving business calls through just one or two telephones. You might even run into a few who rely heavily on social media for engagement.

The good news though is that all three are still in a stage where they have a significant lack of knowledge about their janitorial needs. And by lack, they don’t even know the basics of evaluating the cleanliness of their work place. You, on the other hand, already do and by targeting them, you can quickly identify these problems before it ever crosses their minds. You can’t call this presumptuous because the problems you identify are so basic that even your own competitors can spot them.

Now if this sounds pushy, there’s an answer to that as well. It remains a fact that you do know better and that you do know these needs exist among young and growing companies. They’re just not recognized yet because they have more pressing needs to address. Offering your services actually makes it easier to take their mind off processes of lower priority and maintains their growth.

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