Going Beyond The General Business Category- Identify Industries For B2B Leads

When it comes to B2B lead generation, telemarketing is still an inevitably for a lot of B2B businesses like janitorial services. When you’re targeting decision makers and business owners, the telephone is your only shot at getting in touch with them and telling them about what you have. Anything else will not get you their attention. Not advertisements. Not commercials. When you think about it, these same decision makers are likely to use these similar methods to target their own consumers. Obviously they wouldn’t so easily affected and can recognize a marketing pitch even before it leaves your mouth.

On the other hand, the B2B-oriented nature of your calls can be an assurance that you won’t be as much a nuisance as those who still use telemarketing for targeting these same consumers. There have been more than a few countries who have grown heavy hands in restricting these type of calls. For example, telemarketing in Australia had become heavily constrained in terms of who can use it, what time they can call, and for what purpose. The good news though is that so long as you’re targeting businesses, you’ll well be within such limits.

However, the truth is that’s only the first step. If you’re serious about your services spreading out as wide as possible, then you need to actually pay attention to the smaller details. One such detail would be industry. At this point, let it be known that whether you’re using outsourced telemarketing or managed to set up a good, in-house call center for your business, industry expertise still plays a critical role. For those with an in-house department, it will tell you how to better organize your efforts and your approaches. If you’re outsourcing, it will help you evaluate the company you outsourced (or determine the right one for you if you just decided to look for one).

The importance of industry expertise is that industry will play a critical part of your target’s profile. In other words, it’s part of what makes for a qualified lead (and quality information). There are a few points of interest that you can get out of just knowing what industry your target business is in. One of them is their preferences and expectations regarding janitorial and cleaning services. On your part, it will tell you what kind of place you’ll be sending your people to.

That alone can significantly inform you (or your lead generator) whether or not a business makes for a possible lead. How far is the place? Are there any areas or things that need more specialized cleaning? What kind of shifts would they want your janitors to work under, day or night?

Remember, lead generation is all about getting information. Industry expertise obviously falls under that field. Don’t just generalize businesses and approach them with the same marketing pitches. It not only makes you look inconsiderate and static, it also makes you ignorant of basic indicators like industry. Learn to adapt and figure out how industry will tell you what to expect.

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