Infographic – Generating Cleaning Leads In The Midst Of Growing Cities And Growing Wastes

It is actually not that hard to imagine growing cities as an excellent new source of potential cleaning leads. While economic growth is a major positive, people can still underestimate its unexpected impact on sanitation and the environment.

Your B2B Leads Must Be In Response To Those Growing Needs

Urbanization as a result of economic development is inevitable since a rising business sector will demand more office jobs and building space with lesser relevance to any particular industry. This is what leads to the development of new buildings, new accommodations, and thus, new challenges in terms of simply keeping it all clean.

Commercial cleaning services can see a lot of promising work here but without a proper lead generation strategy, you risk coming off as opportunistic. To avoid this bad impression, you need to start from inside with your salespeople and work your way outside even to third parties whom you might outsource for marketing:

  • Remedy bad sales habits – The internet is chock full of advice on common sales habits to avoid. These range from the simple blunder of being too pushy to the mistake of caring more about the sale than the actual service. Start with these because no matter how good your lead generator, you will only frustrate them if you have poorly-behaved sales representatives.

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  • Use a lead generator that is well-targeted – Speaking of which, a good lead generator is not just one who knows how and why good opportunities arise. Before that, they must obviously know the most likely places such phenomenon occur. This requires accurate targeting and even the capacity to forecast market changes.

The infographic below demonstrates just one example of an economically developing region and how it might lead to a potential waste crisis. (As a side note, it might also offer a hint on which geographical area currently holds a high potential for new commercial cleaning leads.)

Cleaning Leads, Commercial Cleaning Leads, Appointment Setting


Regional Economic Outlook: Asia and Pacific

Waste in Asia – Issues For Responsible Investors


Despite all the positives, rapid urbanization has long brought many negative effects on standards of living and even the slightest oversight with regards to waste management has resulted in overcrowding, slum areas, and the prevalence of disease. In other words, you cannot just wait around. Assemble or outsource your appointment setting services today so as to prevent economic growth from spawning social and urban decay.

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