Janitorial Telemarketing – Be Aware Of Business Size Before Calling

Information has and will always be a central component in B2B lead generation. It what’s enables you to contact and it also continues to help in the qualification process. Now you might already have a general idea about what kind of information would help you and how it helps you.

First off, there’s the information that tells you how to contact a prospect. However, it would also be wiser to get more than just contact information and do a bit of study on each target so that you won’t be just calling or emailing out of the blue. Your research may not amount to much until you actually communicate but every little bit helps.

You may have already learned about the importance of industry. Basically, it tells you and your people what to expect and send in someone more specialized if the work environment would require it. On the other hand, another thing you need to keep in mind is size.

It may not seem important but size might already give you a good idea on what to expect when you contact your target business. For instance, if you’re telemarketing in Singapore, that leaves you with plenty of businesses of all sizes to target because that place is bustling with urban business activity.

So what do you expect to discern from size? For one thing, it also tells you about the kind of work environment you’ll be sending your people too. Is it a big or small office? Do they have their own building? If not, what floor are they on and how will that affect day and nigh shifts? Is it too big a place to just send one person? All of these can be known throughout the course of generating the lead (from the moment of contact to qualification) but it will certainly shape the whole process into either a success or a failure.

Secondly, it might tell you who to specifically contact. In this case, it might be harder when it comes to the larger companies because they could have anyone in charge of handling the state of cleanliness of their establishment. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and it’s only a matter of employing the professionals who can navigate through their large and complex hierarchies. These would probably include professional telemarketers, database handlers, and online researchers.

Of course there might be objections to costs at this point. With so many places to target and so many different sizes to measure, it might take a lot to invest in the proper tools and man power. Fortunately, that’s where outsourcing can come in and take up the load for you.

Make no mistake though. Outsourcing doesn’t eliminate the responsibility for having standards. What has been written above still applies (especially when you’re giving a profile of what kind of businesses you’re targeting). In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you managed to invest enough or outsource to a good lead generator. Don’t forget to consider business size when it comes to gathering information on a prospect!

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