Lead Generation Tips – Clean Up Your Act

lead generation, sales lead generation, business to business leadDoes your sales pipeline look like it’s clogged and you are having a hard time at getting any leads into the pipe? If such a thing is happening to you, then you have to clean up your act and fast if you want to be able to keep going as a company. A jammed pipeline is not healthy as it can affect the rate at which you meet new prospects and close sales. So where does the problem lie if such a thing is happening? Well… maybe in your lead generation process, perhaps?

The process at which you acquire new leads is an important one and can affect your pipeline. If less are acquired, of course your pipeline won’t be full. If too many leads are acquired, then you can expect the opposite of the previous statement. However, did you know that just because you are acquiring leads at a fast rate it does not mean that it bodes well for your sales pipeline?

If you are experiencing trouble with all your business to business leads and have your pipes clogged, then here are some tips for you to keep your sales lead generation campaign flowing fine.

Segment leads according to acquisition method.

One of the reasons as to why your pipeline is clogged and hard to work with may be because you have too many leads that packed together and were generated through different lead generation methods. Your marketers may be having a hard time dealing with your leads because they have to deal with prospects that are in different stages of the sales cycle.

To help clear up this kind of mess, it is best to segment your leads based on how they come into your hands. A lead generated through inbound marketing methods and one generated through outbound marketing methods may both be on different phases of the sales cycle and a singular approach to them may not be effective. As such, segmentation allows you to gauge where your prospects are in the sales cycle and allows you to come up with much better offers based on how far along they are in the process.

Learn your buyer personas.

Each business to business lead you acquire is not just another prospect to deal with; there is a persona behind the lead. Understanding and learning your buyer’s personas is key to helping you formulate better offers and to do marketing in just the right way. Once you learn how to grasp the concept of a “persona”, you will find it easier to approach prospects and even generate more leads through your marketing efforts!

Learning and understanding buyer personas helps smooth the flow of leads in your pipeline; it also helps in segmenting your leads. We found a post over at Hubspot which talks about companies that totally get their buyer personas. Read the full post here.

Don’t be afraid to seek help from experts.

Some people just do not want to seek help, just like when you are behind the wheel of the car and don’t want to ask for directions. Well, in this case since lead generation is involved, you need to realize the gravity of your situation and understand that it is not at all a bad idea to get help from others.

Let’s face it, your company may not be the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to performing lead generation. As such, you may be having a hard time generating leads, doing segmentation and learning your buyer personas. If you are having difficulties, consult with an expert marketing and lead generation company. Rather than tackle your campaign alone and doing it without clear direction, take some time to learn from the experts and clean up your lead generation act!

Cleaning up your act in regards to lead generation can help smooth the entire process and make it easier for you to acquire new leads, as well as to close sales.

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