Listening to Your Own Lead Generation Telemarketing Calls

lead generation, sales lead generation, cold callingHave you ever thought of listening to your own calls? If you are one who does lead generation through telemarketing, then maybe giving a listen to your own cold calls will help you improve on what you are already doing. Newbie telemarketing agents usually start having cold sweats during the first time they listen to their calls. At first, we tell ourselves that we can control how the call goes. When the call finally happens, it’s like we’re driving a car and the steering wheel broke off!

In lead generation telemarketing, good performance translates into leads. We can never really know how every call goes, however, we can control it to the extent of which we can get the best possible results. To do this though, one has to understand how he/she acts during a call. Maximizing results is all about trial and error when it comes to lead generation so it is best to try giving your own calls a listen.

Why should you listen to your own calls? Well as said above, it will help you maximize performance and get better results in your lead generation telemarketing campaign. To help you get a better picture though, here are some more reasons as to why you should start listening to your own calls.

Learn how you sound to prospects.

Even if you are not really the one who is making the call, you need to at least know how “you” sound to your prospects. If your telemarketers make use of a call script which you have approved, then you may have thought that your script looked good on paper. But what about when it’s finally used in lead generation calls?

Knowing how you sound to your prospects can help you create a better call script and thus a better approach to lead generation telemarketing.

Learn what you are doing wrong.

Despite the fact that you have a script and somewhat have control of what your telemarketers say all the way from the opening line to their rebuttals, calls are still pretty much unpredictable. As such, things can either go good or go bad. If the call is good, then hooray for you! But if the call goes bad then there is obviously something wrong with what you are doing.

Listening to your calls allows you to find both the major and minor mistakes you may be making in the course of cold calling. Find out what you are doing wrong in order to get better sales lead generation results.

Learn what needs to be changed.

In relation to the point above, listening to your own calls will allow you to find out what needs to be changed in your campaign, all the way from your call script down to how your calling agents engage your prospects.

Telemarketers may be quite nervous during the first time they listen to their own calls. Later on though, telemarketers that want to improve their skills will often take it upon themselves to take a listen to their own calls and calibrate themselves to do better cold calling. It’s good to start listening early on in your campaign and to make it a habit as well so you can continuously improve not only your lead generation campaign but your results as well.

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