The Mark Of Professional Telemarketers – Knowledge Of The Law

Be it onshore or offshore, in-house or outsourced, inbound or outbound, the very people that represent you on the phone should know the laws of the land to which they’re making their calls. Now first off, people might think that these laws are somehow a sign that telemarketing is about to kick the bucket.

On the contrary, it’s merely shifting to where it’s more effective and where popularly recognized marketing methods are not. The best example is in the B2B half of the business world. Oddly enough, it doesn’t always have to come off as big business. Even something like janitorial services are considered B2B. But like any B2B industry, they suffer from lower exposure. This isn’t even the result of bad marketing but by their very nature.

Here’s a quick review on B2B basics. The only people who will take interest in such deals are those who in charge in another business, hence the term (business-to-business). These people don’t make up a majority of the population. And the thing about popular marketing methods, a majority of the population is usually the target. Simply put, print advertising, billboards, and TV commercials will not reach the intended targets. Business decision makers are too busy and you need a channel of communication that needs to really interact with them.

Janitorial services suffer this fate like any other B2B organization. Hence, telemarketing is one of the few ways they’ll ever get in touch with their targets and generate B2B leads.

These laws though aren’t as big an obstacle but that’s why it’s important to make use of only professionals who comply and can even use them to an advantage. For instance, countries like U.S. and Canada have very complex state laws regarding telecommunications. But like most (if not all) regularizations, they are done with only the intent of protecting consumers and private citizens. Businesses and their owners naturally do not quality (and chances are, many of them wouldn’t want to). Business calls are an everyday part of their daily lives and you need to take advantage of that.

Hiring professionals is actually just the first step but it’s critical nonetheless. Another way you can make sure that they avoid violations is if you outsource a company with a quality database. Such a database must not only have been compiled over the years but also refined and pruned of any numbers that are within the protection of DNC registers. It helps lighten their load of avoiding violators, identify numbers that need to be stricken off, or better yet inform those who insist on a violation that business numbers like theirs are generally not allowed to vie for DNC protection.

It also helps to pay attention to what countries a telemarketing group has been contacting. If you’re a janitorial service in Canada, then you need to outsource a group that has experience in contacting Canadian businesses for Canada sales leads. It doesn’t change the fact that knowledge of the law will filter out their search and lead to a faster qualification process. A faster qualification process means more leads and more leads mean more chances of a sale. So when you’re out looking for telemarketers, use this knowledge as a way test if they’re truly professional.

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