Outsourcing – Issues You Need To Know, Be It For Yourself Or For Lead Generation Companies

If there’s one thing lead generation companies have in common with your janitorial company is that you’re both outsourced services. One is outsourced for the cleanliness and maintenance of other business establishments while the other is for the sake getting a constant stream of business opportunities (even for janitorial services themselves). Outsourcing is the popular option when the additional costs of doing things yourself might come as a disadvantage if you’d rather invest in something else.

More importantly though, you should also know that the two have much in common when it comes to labor issues. These issues mostly revolve around HR but if you’re going to outsource, you should know that the standards you hold for yourself should be the same for that of your outsourced company.

There are plenty of businesses out there that can be very scrutinizing when it comes to outsourcing janitorial services. Again, remember the issues regarding labor? You need to show to them that you’re a company in good standing and are in compliance with your nation’s labor laws. If you offer yourself as cost-efficient, transparency is even more important. Don’t hesitate to ease their suspicions by showing them where their money is going.

When it’s your turn to outsource (in this case, for B2B leads), the roles are now reversed and it will also be your turn to evaluate candidate companies.

As an example, look to outsourced telemarketing services. They’re considered as one type of lead generation company. When outsourcing one, you need to really see if they not only deliver what they promise but at also if it was worth the money. By worth the money, it’s not simply the money you spent but also the money you saved. As stated before, you need to figure out why the costs are either low or high. What are they doing to cut costs? What kind of people are they hiring?

If these sound familiar well that’s only because these are the same questions you should ask yourself if your client is suspicious of the way you do business! There is no shortage of controversy when it comes to labor with outsourced services being at the heart of it all. You have everything from janitorial services hiring illegal aliens to offshore telemarketing groups taking advantage of currency differences to pay lower. If you do not want to associate yourself with such practices then you need to keep yourself clean and that your outsourced lead generator does the same.

If business owners aren’t turned off by the high costs or insufficient quality of a service, they are turned off by unethical practices. Lead generators are all about gathering information so why not have them also gather information on such standards? At the same time, when screening candidates, make sure that they too are aware of those standards and you hold the same for them. It’s been proven that such things can seriously damage public image (be it for businesses big or small). Start being more aware of these issues today both for yourself as well as the companies that you outsource.

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