Use Qualified Leads To Be Of Service First, Selling Second

Generating B2B sales leads is a process centered around information. Whether it’s information to help qualify a lead or information to help communicate through the proper channels, all of these are generated by that process and more. With regards to the proper channels, it is imperative when determining the right conduct in communication (e.g. lead generation in Australia tends to face strict demands when it comes to anything related to telemarketing so companies need to be clean with their contact data).

Most importantly however, it tells you how you can serve your potential client. And when you’re a commercial cleaning service, you’d have obviously been stressing on the ‘service’ part. Who would outsource a janitorial company if its people do a sloppy job?

On the other hand, the challenge of finding quality B2B sales leads goes beyond knowing who to approach with an offer. It’s about knowing what you can do for people’s businesses and their establishment(s). One way or another, a B2B company should always seek to serve first and sell later. Cleaning services are hardly an exception. These days, people do not take kindly to an overly eager salesmen. But by overly eager, it’s an eagerness to serve but to sell. The rising hostility of today’s consumers against marketers is just one result of that. Another would be the mentality creeping into the minds of some business owners themselves.

They don’t want a company that can organize the cleaning of both restrooms and restaurants. They want a company that’s willing to help them clean what actually needs cleaning. When you’re generating leads, you should make sure the information you get can be used for that purpose. Seek to serve, not sell. Money will only follow naturally if you know first how to do your job right.

Then again, this doesn’t mean you won’t be refused at times. On the bright side, those who do would at least know that you were more concerned with being able to help than trying to make a sale. When you’re screening potential clients, don’t limit yourself to reasons of budget or company size. Make sure that the main reason for considering them a potential client is because they have something you can help with.

At this point, it may not even matter if you’ve either outsourced the heavy stuff of contacting and qualifying for leads or managed to invest in your own little call center for the job. The efforts and resources you spent will be wasted if your motive is purely to see if you can make a sale and not if you do someone a service.

Nobody likes a pushy salesperson because these people care more about talking about their services, products, or company than they are about what those things can do for the client. Doing you homework on them can reverse that and may even turn the sentiment against them.

Make no mistake, you’ll still need money and furthermore, anyone who has run a business will know how self-defeating it is to deny a service purely on the grounds of not wanting to be sold to. Regardless, start focusing less on selling and more on serving!

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