Qualifying Sales Leads – A Little Bit Of Service Can Go A Long Way

There seems to be no end to the stigma of commercial cleaning as an industry of dirty jobs, literally. However, somebody has got to do it and you’re in this industry because you decided that it might as well be you. Despite all the odd looks you and your employees get, you already provide a service even when you’re still in the phase of qualifying your sales leads.

Now what do you do again when you’re qualifying B2B sales leads? After getting in touch with a business prospect, your marketers ask a few questions and send it to sales once they realize that the prospect might have a problem.

This already is your way of providing a service. People underestimate the dangers of poor work place maintenance. For example, according to this infographic from Co.EXIST, human feces is teeming with at least 234 known bacteria (such as salmonella). Aside from the other threats cited in the graphic, a lack of toilet maintenance can easily enable the spread of such germs.

The danger is that your prospect may not know that. You don’t have to be a medical doctor just to have some responsibility in preventing sickness in the workplace. A clean work environment can still be a significant factor in that prevention. Who better to evaluate that cleanliness than a commercial cleaning expert like yourself? The simple fact that you’re letting them know is already a decent favor.

With that established, this should give you more reason to really evaluate how you provide a service starting from the marketing level. Speaking of which, you’d be amazed how the various marketing tools and strategies can help shed some spotlight on the results of your work. Take this example from HBR. It’s from a touching story about a simple act of service was made know throughout the world just through social media:

It was a small act of kindness that would not normally make headlines. Except that Brandon told the story on his Facebook page, and Brandon’s mother, Gail Cook, retold the story on Panera’s fan page. The rest, as they say, is social-media history. Gail’s post generated 500,000 (and counting) “likes” and more than 22,000 comments on Panera’s Facebook page. Panera, meanwhile, got something that no amount of traditional advertising can buy — a genuine sense of affiliation and appreciation from customers around the world.”

Wouldn’t you like the same thing happening if your business was just telemarketing to qualify sales leads yet you ended up doing so much more? For example, your questions have actually provoked a prospect to heavily reconsider the state of their office. That prospect could then spread the word to their own contacts and recommend you via social media.

This does not mean you should invest in some effort to have them do just that. These results should be natural. In fact, social media exists just as a reminder that what you’re doing could be a lot more significant to other people than you might think.

Qualifying cleaning leads isn’t just about helping your business attract interest and help sales make money. It’s a service in of itself. You’re identifying problems that prospects might be underestimating and are there to offer a solution. That little bit of service can already go a long way.

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