Sales Leads Can Be Both Offline and Online

Sales Leads | Telemarketing | Appointment Setting - Leads JanitorialFor some, online marketing seems a better fit for commercial cleaning companies because it’s not a very disruptive means of generating sales leads. Meanwhile, using the web to attract decision makers who are actively searching for cleaning services indicates their need without ever having to make a phone call or send an email.

On the other hand, online marketing has its fair share of criticism as well. More and more people are saying that there has been no way to measure how clicks, page views, visitors, and even ‘Likes’ translate into sales leads. These same people are also the ones saying that the information available on the internet has done away with the need for both online advertising and even traditional advertising.

The unique thing about online advertising however is that it’s in the same space. Furthermore, has cited findings that are calling marketers and their businesses to rethink the way they measure the results of online marketing techniqes:

The company said that it found a significant correlation: when brick-and-mortar stores ran Google AdWords campaigns, they saw double-digit increases in the number of shoppers and in the time people spent in retail stores. In some cases, apparently, the offline results of the campaigns exceeded the online results.”

Including offline results not only proves that there might be some power behind online marketing but that power could also be maximized by using offline tools to qualify your online sales leads. For example, another report by Ad Age is stating that Facebook is now giving social media marketers greater accuracy in terms of targeting users in its database:

Now brands can target their posts at different segments of their fan base based on a huge range of factors. It’s not just age, sex and location – this goes as far as relationship status, education, university/college and even workplace.”

That last word should catch your eye as a commercial cleaning service. Knowledge of a decision maker’s work place can already indicate the sort of cleaning and maintenance services required. If you have fans on Facebook (most likely your current clients) you can now broadcast messages more specific to their needs and to the services you’ve offered them. Still, what about the results? You can target more accurately and send more relevant messages but where do the offline results come in?

Remember, they can maximize the interest generated by online marketing. Don’t just rely on a ‘Like’ as a means to identify and communicate with who clicked. Have your CTA involve a phone call (which is certainly a more powerful measure of customer action). Have your telemarketers use the conversation to qualify the callers and then place the results in an accessible database.

The resulting sales leads of any marketing technique doesn’t have to be exclusive to online or offline measures. Rather, it’s more likely that they reflect each other. For instance, something even as insignificant as views that don’t result into clicks can still lead to phone calls and those phone calls could result in qualified commercial cleaning leads. Hence, you can consider these types of leads as both offline and online.

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