What Social Media Can Teach To Really Fix Your Cold Calling

These days even professional telemarketers will tell you that it’s no longer a good marketing approach to just call someone out of the blue. If you think being a janitorial company would mean it won’t be as bad, think again. The way a business engages another business may not be the same as when they engage consumers but there are still people to be called. These would be the decision makers. And if their position doesn’t set them further apart from your average customer, the way they receive cold callers will. Then again, perhaps it would be more accurate to say it’s the way they don’t receive them at all. Gatekeepers have been the bane of telemarketing efforts since the method was first conceived.

At this point, you might feel compelled to consider alternative ways to generate sales leads but it’s not like they’re without their own form of obstacles. Emails have spam filters. Website marketing has you investing unexpected amounts of money and time just to compete in search engine rankings. Even social media, for all its capacity to help you engage your market, suffers its own limitations that’s shared by all three of the above.

However, the latter can still teach you lot about how to fix your approach. The ideal behind social media marketing is that you’re supposed to really interact with your market. Even if it’s for just a commercial cleaning lead, engaging potential clients can be beneficial both for their businesses and your own.

So what does it mean to engage? It simply means you’re willing to learn more about your prospects and communicate. That should be the two halves of your approach: information and communication. Information should be gathered for more than just one purpose. Below are just some of the staples:

  • Getting in touch – This would cover contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, as well as websites and social media profiles. This should also include information about which decision maker to contact for discussing matters about the maintenance and cleanliness in the work place.
  • Give you something to say – This is where cold calls fail. You contact someone with little to zero prior knowledge of who they are or even what their business is like. Before attempting contact, consult other sources of information like their websites and social media profiles. No matter what, you must avoid acting on very weak assumptions.
  • Figure out how to serve them best – Learning about your prospects from other sources is only the beginning. You shouldn’t stop but keep gathering more information and more interest. That’s another important aspect of engaging with them. It should teach you more about their needs and how your cleaning services can best help them.

Again, the idea behind social media marketing is engaging your prospects. But guess what? That’s not just limited to social media. It’s an ideal that’s applicable to all marketing approaches from telemarketing to email. Getting to know your prospects and finding out the best way you can serve them is only common sense!

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