B2B Email Marketing Tips for Lead Generation Services 2016

B2B Email Marketing Tips for Lead Generation Services 2016

Email marketing campaigns are essential elements of any marketing strategy. They communicate and build relationships with prospects, gather important data, and help boost marketing ROI. As important as these campaigns are for marketers, many miss the mark and continue to fall short on the campaign’s return. So here are the top email marketing tips you may want to use this 2016.

Prospect Prefer Scanning than reading

Something to keep in mind when creating your emails is that the majority of people don’t read they scan. You want to make it easy for your recipients to read your email and find the important information. Bullets help make this easy; they’re easy for you to set up and easy for your readers to scan. Bold you text, add buttons or charts. Design your email so its eye catching for your business leads.


Personalization can make your business prospects feel like your email was sent with him or her in mind. Both our Full Editor and Smart Email Builder make it easy for you to add personalization to any email you send.

Embedding Links

Adding links to your email will encourage customers to click and visit your website. B2B marketing campaigns has no limitations on how many links you can to include in your email. You can link both text and images. Campaigner will track the clicks so you can see how often your links are clicked and find out which ones are most popular.

Tell your Prospects what to expect

Post your privacy policy on your website. When prospects subscribe, e-mail a welcome telling them how often they will hear from you (monthly? weekly?) and how to unsubscribe.

Make it attractive

The design of your e-mails should be consistent with your company’s website and your other marketing materials. Use your logo, color, photos and graphics to enhance visual appeal.

Be responsive for Better Lead Engagement

Your e-mail marketing campaign may prompt queries or questions from customers. People expect prompt responses to e-mails, so answer right away or your e-mails could do more harm than good.

Keep it legal

Many legal regulations govern e-mail marketing. For example, you must include an opt-out link and a physical business address in each e-mail; process unsubscribe requests within 10 days; and avoid deceptive subject lines. A good e-mail marketing service will help you follow the rules of the CAN-SPAM Act, but the final responsibility is yours.

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