Back to Basics: Appointment Setting for Cleaning Companies

When business starts getting slow for a cleaning company then it can’t be very well a good sign. A slow down in business means you are either losing clients or not getting any new ones. As such, you will probably only be making ends meet. What you want, however, is increased profits, right? The question you need to ask yourself now is… how does a cleaning business get more deals? Well, the answer can be appointment setting for cleaning companies.

What is appointment setting for cleaning companies? Simply put, its the scheduling of a business to business appointment between a cleaning firm and their prospect company. This can be done in quite a few ways as well. One of the best methods to do it though is through telemarketing.

Marketing through the phone, aka telemarketing, is still widely used today and is recognized to be one of the best ways to generate business to business leads. So for your cleaning firm, how can this type of lead generation method hope to increase sales?

If you want to know the answer to that question then take a look at these following points.

Wider area coverage.

Thanks to the use of the phone in marketing, you will be able to increase the area in which you cover. Normally, you would send a sales representative to go and actively seek out new clients. However, in this day and age, people are often busy or just don’t want to see or meet anybody that doesn’t have official business with their company. Also, it takes more money to keep sending your representatives to different locates just to do prospecting for your cleaning firm.

By using the phone to perform appointment setting through telemarketing, you can eliminate the need to do prospecting on foot. Also, you will have a wider coverage range due to the fact that you can simply dial a phone number and get in touch with your prospects. If you want to generate cleaning leads with ease then this is definitely one way to do it. Since you are covering a wider area it means more more prospects for you to make contact with and market your services to.

Talk to more prospects in less time.

A major factor that limits us in what we can get done in a day is time. During regular office hours, we only ever have 8-9 hours of time to work and hope that we can get in contact with our prospects. The advantage of using the phone is that it only takes a few minutes to puck up the handset and give your prospects a ring.

Telemarketing firms have something called a “call volume” which they require their employees to meet during each telemarketing shift; this could also be a guaranteed number of calls which they are going to make during the course of a campaign. I’ve met some telemarketers who have told me that their call volume can be as much as 220 calls per shift, and that their team is composed of 3-5 people. If you multiply the numbers, you get a maximum 1,100 calls during a single shift. Now, there is no guarantee that you will have talked to 1,100 prospects as some of these calls

Maximizes the chances of sales through a face-to-face meeting.

Talking to your cleaning leads through the phone is just not enough to make a deal go down. Why is this? Because business professionals you get in contact with are not people who decide on things at the drop of a hat. Before any of your prospects make any sort of decision, hopefully one to work with you as their cleaning services provider, they would like to know more about your services and they will most probably want to hear it from you.

Using appointment setting, you can set-up face-to-face appointments with your cleaning leads and get right where you want to be: in a meeting with your target prospect.

Lead generation through telemarketing is not just an appointment setting tool, it can also function as a way to nurture your leads until they are sales ready. Also, telemarketing generally has plenty of uses so you may want to consider its use for marketing purposes. Rest assured though, appointment setting is one of the best approaches to use when wanting to get in contact with leads for your cleaning company.

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