Getting Sales Leads From Secret Hideouts

Whether it is janitorial or any other business, your sales leads should mean more than just the money or the contracts they make. For instance, they should tell you a few things about your prospects. These things could be significant throughout the course of your business relationship. The details in your sales leads could mean something else asides from the place where you made your deal.

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Clean Up Your Act Before Getting Cleaning Leads

Frankly, it would be pretty ironic for any commercial cleaner to look for cleaning leads without a clean slate. If you have a record for violating labor laws or other unethical business practices, it should not surprise you that other businesses will treat you with suspicion.

That is why if you really want your cleaning leads, you have to clean up your act first.

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How Not To Become a Lead Generation Hitman

lead generation, business to business leads, sales lead generationA hitman is what we can describe as a contracted killer. So to speak, they are professional assassins that specialize in eliminating designated targets who they are paid to handle. One such well-known assassin, in the fictional world at least, is named Agent 47 and is the best there is. Well, being known as such does not exactly make you the most celebrated person in the world. In fact, if a business had the same reputation that a hitman had, it would not thrive at all. So do you want to find out how you don’t start looking like a lead generation hitman?

In the olden days, assassins were known for employing poisons, deceptive tactics and even direct assaults in order to bring down their targets. Today, the same tactics are still used by those who would not be named and known, maybe minus the direct assaults. What we will learn from today’s post is about a few tactics popularized by hitmen just like Agent 47, tactics and mentalities which if used by a company may just get them tossed down a sewer pipe! Continue reading

Lead Generation Tips – Being Better at It and Some Alternatives

Are you not generating a good amount of leads? Your attempts at marketing not causing any fish to bite? Well if that keeps up then you are not going to be seeing a bright future ahead of you. If such a thing keeps happening, you need to locate the problem and find a solution. Many companies face such scenarios – marketing and lead generation not going well for them. When it comes to that, the problem may lie in the approach to your prospects.

If the problem in generating leads lies within your own attempts then it really means that it is time to clean up your act! You do not want to be facing marketing and lead generation problems in your campaign is it costs you sales. The more sales you miss, the less profit your company makes. And the less less your company makes, well, you can guess where this train of thought is going.

One of the reasons why a lead generation campaign is bound to fail is that many still believe that hard-selling and pursuant cold-calling tactics actually make sales. Sure, maybe at an odd time in the year it could work but this will most likely just annoy and repel your customers instead of generating you any good leads. Continue reading

Janitorial Companies & Lead Generation Methods

lead generation, janitorial companies, cleaning leadsJanitorial companies are firms that usually help you clean-up your office. However, did you know just how such a business came to find you? You didn’t expect them to just go around and send their sales representatives into random office buildings, did you? If you don’t know about how these types of businesses search for clients then we’ll have you know that they do it through lead generation.

Lead generation for janitorial companies shouldn’t be unheard of in this day and age as a lot of businesses rely on leads to find new clients thanks to all the competition and the ever-growing market. As such, it isn’t a wonder if you receive a call from a cleaning company or an email in your inbox about cleaning services every now and then. However, did you know that not all forms of lead generation are effective when it comes to marketing the service which janitorial companies are offering their potential clients?

Yes, it’s true. Not all forms that we use in generating leads may be effective when it comes to marketing services such as those offered by these cleaning services firms. So if you’re the owner of a janitorial company or marketer looking for the best way to market such services, here are a few ways in which your business can start generating leads. Continue reading

Lead Generation Tips – Sucking Up Leads Like A Vacuum

Instead of having a lead generation campaign in which it feels like you are sweeping in leads into your dust bin, you want to be sucking them up like a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner as you may know is an electronic device which we use in cleaning and allows us to reach more areas as well get the job done faster. Unlike the good old broom, a tool of manual labor, a vacuum cleaner is superior in that it can get more dirt and in much quicker time than through the use of a broom.

So when we want our company to be able to generate leads and suck them in like you were one giant vacuum cleaner, you’re going to need to make use of good tactics that convert people you reach into interested customers. The big challenge you face is that converting people from your audience into leads is not easy to do and neither is it something that happens in a short time.

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Practicing Segmentation in Doing Lead Generation

lead generation, appointment setting, business to business leadsA business that does not practice segmentation in lead generation is one that is not going to be able to effectively market to their prospects. When you segment your leads into specific lists, you will be able to utilize your database much easier and achieve better results when you start approaching your prospects. One reason as to why some businesses cannot achieve proper segmentation is because they do not know how to do so in the first place.

If you have a sales pipeline that is jam-packed with business to business leads, you will find that dealing with each and every single one of your leads presents itself as a challenge. You are going to have to make contact with your prospects and gauge their level of interest in your company. Next, you may have to qualify them according to a traditional approach such as with BANT (budget, authority, need, time). But even when you do this, that doesn’t mean you will be able to start throwing full-blown marketing offers at each of your prospects.

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Audiophile Lessons in Lead Generation for Businesses

lead generation, business to business leads, sales lead generationAn audiophile is a person with a strong interest in high-quality sound/music reproduction. In other words, these are people who really like listening to music that is reproduced exactly as it should be to give them a full experience just like they were sitting right in front real-live musicians. In lead generation though, there is one thing which can be learned from people who are audiophiles – and that is to listen!

What does listening to music have to do in B2B marketing or lead generation? True enough, it really doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with these two things. However, we’re not talking about listening to music here, rather we are talking about listening to your audience. When it comes to marketing, your audience is not just a bunch of potential customers but also people who can help you create better marketing offers and approaches.

Lead generation for B2B companies has never been easy given the fact that there is a heck a lot of competition in the industry. As such, your products and services, offers and approaches may not be as effective as you think they are in penetrating to your target market. So anyway… how does being an “audiophile” benefit you in any way in terms of marketing and your lead gen results? Continue reading

Back to Basics: Appointment Setting for Cleaning Companies

When business starts getting slow for a cleaning company then it can’t be very well a good sign. A slow down in business means you are either losing clients or not getting any new ones. As such, you will probably only be making ends meet. What you want, however, is increased profits, right? The question you need to ask yourself now is… how does a cleaning business get more deals? Well, the answer can be appointment setting for cleaning companies.

What is appointment setting for cleaning companies? Simply put, its the scheduling of a business to business appointment between a cleaning firm and their prospect company. This can be done in quite a few ways as well. One of the best methods to do it though is through telemarketing.

Marketing through the phone, aka telemarketing, is still widely used today and is recognized to be one of the best ways to generate business to business leads. So for your cleaning firm, how can this type of lead generation method hope to increase sales? Continue reading