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Shark Week: How Marketing Differs in Terms of Metrics

Shark week is week dedicated to tune TV programs to a contemplating and mysterious creatures in the deep blue –yes, you have guessed it, it is all about shark. Sharks are known for their big appetite in feeding small creatures under the sea and there are actually two different kinds of shark. One that grabs a targeted bite like Bull Shark or Great White Shark and the other hand is the Whale Shark that open their mouths and take in all small creatures like plankton. Same with sales and marketing, targeting specific prey or just simply gobbles in any prospect that may pass their mouth. Continue reading

Marketing in the Multimedia for B2B Newbies

Flashy marketing campaigns and pushy sales techniques are inconsistent with the image of a firm like yours. And cold calling is just out of the question. It is time consuming, unproductive and frustrating – and it can make you look desperate. So what do you do? What are your options?

Although marketing is fully measurable across all media, most marketers don’t take advantage of it – at least on a consistent basis. Continue reading

Telemarketing Surveys in B2B Marketing Approach

Every B2B company likes to be able to sell itself based on generating the best results but it is very important to measure like with like . Telemarketing companies should aim to work with their clients to ensure that they implement the best telemarketing campaign to generate the optimum results aligning to their client’s business objectives and goals to be achieved. Continue reading

Wiping away your problems through Lead Generation

Every business undergo this type of problem, it’s a normal and simple problem. But it always ends ruining what we work for. What is this problem? (Silent Pause for ten seconds) Yup that’s right, if you’re thinking that the problem is “How to keep a business going” then you’re right. It’s that simple, and one of the answers is “Invest your time in Lead Generation”

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Facing your B2B lead with a blast


“Just when you thought B2B lead will be easily, it gets harder by the day when some nut-job ruin everything you’ve planned for or worked for”

Leads are getting harder and harder to get, with the raising of scam businesses around the world, using social media as medium to scam people, having this sort of problem affect most of the businesses around the world, especially when they are just getting started.

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Why B2B Marketing Looks Hard To Understand

Knowledge is everything for intellectual people. Some, its strength while others its power. But when you step into the business industries, cleverness is the key to your success. No matter how hard you try to promote your business, if you’re not witty enough to change your game plan, then might as well drop dead. For that reason, we tend to find a way easier and more precise to do want we must.

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