Clean Up Your Act Before Getting Cleaning Leads

Frankly, it would be pretty ironic for any commercial cleaner to look for cleaning leads without a clean slate. If you have a record for violating labor laws or other unethical business practices, it should not surprise you that other businesses will treat you with suspicion.

That is why if you really want your cleaning leads, you have to clean up your act first.

Why A Clean Slate Matters For Cleaning Leads

Cleaning Leads, Commercial Cleaning Leads, Appointment SettingSadly, the janitorial and commercial cleaning industry has had a long history with being on the low-end of business reputation. The whole ‘blue-collar’ label is not exactly flattering either. Still, if you want to change that. If you want to be an industry that plays a significant role in urban cleanliness, work place health, and building stability, then you should only use a clean slate for attracting your cleaning leads.

The following is a list of things you need to clear out before starting your lead generation campaign:

  • Dispel all suspicions – Whether they are proven true or false, suspicion is like a virus among your current cleaning leads. It breeds mistrust and could foreshadow the loss of loyal customers. Before getting new cleaning leads, evaluate your relationships with the ones you had previously qualified. What bad rumors have been circulating and what can you do to eliminate them?
  • Evaluate your business – From your relationships, take your evaluation to your own business. Has there been any complaints about your employees? Are you in constant compliance with any state regulations? Your cleaning leads are not just business opportunities. These opportunities will also hold you accountable for any overlooked misconduct.

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  • Evaluate your prospects – To really express your integrity, you should also evaluate your prospects too! Even if they can make for promising commercial cleaning leads, doing business with the wrong crowd will only get you other cleaning leads from that crowd. Be wary of the company that you keep.
  • Avoid deceptive marketing – You should also avoid the more common forms of unethical business like deceptive marketing. No matter how desperate you are for your cleaning leads, they are not worth telling lies. These cleaning leads should be attracted with the promise of genuine services, inflated ones.

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  • Come clean with mistakes – Finally, you should always be humble enough to admit mistakes even if it looks like you will not qualify many cleaning leads that way. After all, sweeping stuff under the rug does not equal cleanliness either.

Speaking of mistakes though, some really doubt there is any hope for cleaning leads after a major scandal. Is your business really worth marketing at all after such a major loss of trust? Would the people representing your cleaning leads really want to meet with the company that just made news in the worst possible way? Well, even if not now, you can still redeem yourself. Just so long as you focus on cleaning your act before your cleaning leads, your marketing and B2B appointment setting campaigns will get you that second chance.

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