Cleaning Lead Generation Tips – Best Outsource After An Acquisition

If you were a cleaning firm and you just made a recent janitorial acquisition, you obviously need a cleaning lead generation campaign for it. You know very well that not all acquisitions result in an overnight success. Sure, you can boast on your company page that you have new services and whatnot but have you actually taken a look at what you acquired? Is it a good idea to start with your usual lead generation routine?

Lead Generation For A Run Down Factory

Lead Generation, Janitorial Lead Generation, Sales LeadsThe worst case scenario is that the services you ended up ‘acquiring’ turns out to be the equivalent to a run-down factory. It will need a lot of work besides lead generation if you really want it to be an integral part of your business. If you sincerely believe you paid good money for your acquisition then you need to outsource your lead generation strategy while personally focusing on work getting things in order.

Now you will still need janitorial leads but just not immediately. Furthermore, you might already be stretched enough (at least in terms of marketing) to run a lead generation strategy and get your new services up and running by the time prospects start coming. On the other hand, you still have to make sure that you outsource the right lead generation company.

This is what you should do instead of getting too excited:

  • Use your outsourced lead generator to learn more about the market – Even if you feel that know all there is to janitorial services, it helps to have a short review. What particular market will your lead generation strategy target for these new services?

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  • Collaborate to set a date – Even while you are busy getting your new acquisition ready, collaborate with your outsourced service to decide on the right time for your lead generation campaign to formally begin. This is the more delicate part because your lead generation strategy can either start a little early with a few hints to your new services or wait it out until you are sure everything is ready.
  • Also plan for the long term – Success or failure, the same lead generation services should be willing to help you in the long term. They might consider a new janitorial lead generation strategy to either improve on success or avert future failures with your new janitorial services. Again, collaboration is key.

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Then again, even should an acquisition does not turn out so bad, you can still apply the above tips. Adding something to your business does not make it the perfect move overnight. You will need more than just B2B sales leads for that. Outsource for them for the time being while you get to work on your acquisition!

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