Cleaning Leads Enrich The Cleaning Industry

The commercial cleaning industry can be a lot bigger than popular opinion tends to make out. From a B2B perspective, cleaning leads are not only valuable to janitorial companies or carpet cleaners. Such leads can also be for their own suppliers.

The Various Sales Leads Inside And Outside Commercial Cleaning

If you want to know just how large the industry can be, simply consider that commercial cleaning does not necessarily involve just those who provide such services but also businesses who supply the materials they need to do their job. Hence, sales leads for the industry can even be found within itself as well as outside it if you are one such distributor:

  • Inside – Janitorial leads can also stand for other janitorial companies who need a supplier for their cleaning products and tools. It does not take much to imagine the consequences of shortages as well as the persistent use of worn-out tools.
  • Outside – Companies with their own cleaning services also make for similar targets because they need those supplies as much as their independent counterparts. Do not just stick to one market and persist in expanding your customer base.

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Below, the following infographic explains in further detail by using the flow between supply distributors and outsourced cleaning services in Australia. And with that kind of connection, it just goes to show how large the industry is and how commercial cleaning leads can come in their own variety:


Cleaning Leads, Commercial Cleaning Leads, Lead GenerationSource: IBISWorld’s Cleaning And Maintenance Supplies Distributors

Around the end though, it might not always be good news. The rising costs of oil could forecast higher expenses for supplier customers. So since this touches on the subject of outsourcing, why not outsource processes like generating leads? If you understand the logic of being outsourced to stave off the costs of in-house cleaning, then it is not that much different when comparing it to a business process such as marketing. You need to save up without necessarily compromising that which is getting you customers.

For Australian companies at least, the statistics are already showing much how lead generation in Australia is connecting more businesses and enriching the industry.

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