Cleaning Leads – Using Them To Truly Understand Priorities

While you may be justified in your need for cleaning leads, it is not enough to misunderstand priorities whether these are yours or those of your prospects. In fact, the purpose of outsourcing is to support businesses who put cleaning services on the low in terms of priority. Sometimes you can easily confuse your priorities with that of theirs and that leads to misalignment, a conflict that must always be avoided if you hope to keep generating cleaning leads.

Using Cleaning Leads Inform You Of A Prospect’s Priorities

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You can be the most passionate, hard-working, and expert commercial cleaning firm on the planet. That will still not give you license to force your priorities on that of your prospects. Your cleaning leads should inform you of just how far they want your services. In any business relationship, the power to make demands is generally within the right of the customer. You do not turn that around by demanding your prospect invest in more just so you could squeeze every value out of these cleaning leads.

Yes, the value of your B2B leads lies in their opportunities. That is why you have all the more reason you are not being as opportunistic as possible in imposing your business values more than necessary just so that your cleaning leads become willing customers.

With that said, how do you draw the line when it comes to marketing yourself? Where does prioritizing cleaning leads end and the priorities of prospects begin?

  • Step 1: Understand prospect’s profile – Your cleaning leads should likely include your prospect’s business profile. That includes their industry, the age of the business, size of establishment etc. Starting with those details, you should determine where your prospect stands in terms of cleaning services. How much do they care for? Are they lax in terms of work place cleanliness? How can you align that with your own priorities? Cleaning leads are supposed to give you the most respectable image of your prospect, not something to laugh at.

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  • Step 2: Understand why such priorities are low – Avoid presuming that a prospect has only bad reasons to not have a desperate need for cleaning services. Remember, provide what they ask for first and then figure out if they want more later (much later). You never know if, during the course of the conversation, a prospect has actually very valid reasons. They may be caught up in important research. Maybe they spend more time out of the office. Your residential cleaning leads or commercial cleaning leads do not have to limit themselves to archetypical slobs who deliberately neglect a clean working environment.
  • Step 3: Avoid locking them in – You will be playing really dirty if you use marketing and sales tactics that lock customers in. Qualifying your cleaning leads does not put a chain around the prospect’s neck. If you truly believe in the natural consequence of their supposed ‘low priorities’ then keep it natural. Avoid doing things that will deliberately force a prospect’s hands into working for you. You risk committing this offense even if you so much as mention the supposed ‘environmental consequences’ of their refusal. Cleaning leads are generated by engagement and open-mindedness, not browbeating!

Believe it or not, this might even apply to yourself. When there are companies among your cleaning leads who are not asking much, why exert so much effort egging them to ask more? Like them, you do not have that luxury when you have other things to take care of yourself (e.g. pursuing other cleaning leads, developing new services, even vacation time). Stop forcing a flood that you may not be able to handle.

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Instead, have a more objective understanding of everyone’s priorities. Work hard for cleaning leads who see a need for you to and avoid pestering those who do not ask for much. Use your cleaning services leads to get a better understanding of prospect’s priorities.

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