Cleaning Leads – When Does Business Age Matter?

When you are marketing for cleaning leads, you might have boasted about the age of your business on occasion. Be it B2B or B2C, plenty of firms do it in order to polish up an image of both experience and expertise. However, some will also contest that company age is not all that significant (whether that company is yours or those among your cleaning leads).

The Different Ways Age Factors In For Cleaning Leads

Cleaning Leads, Commercial Cleaning Leads, Lead GenerationBut as usual, the truth is a little bit more complicated. There are times when age does matter and there are times when it is better not to involve it lest you lose your cleaning leads. To simplify it though, the following lists three ways that age should be considered throughout your sales process:

  • Your business age – As mentioned before, the older your business may be, you really can boast a good amount of experience. Experience attracts cleaning leads. On the other hand, it is not standalone. When you have been providing cleaning services for so long, it only takes a few skeletons to compromise prospect trust. On the other hand, being a young company is not all that disadvantageous. Follow the same route of having only a clean record so far. You can also improve upon that by introducing more innovative cleaning services (which attracts cleaning leads as much as years of experience).

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  • Your prospect’s age – Old companies are not always as old as their establishments. By definition, brands like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are quite old. That does not mean the same goes for every factory or branch. However, when it comes to your commercial cleaning leads, there is one thing you must forget when it comes to that sort of age: image. When you qualify a prospect that has been working for so long in their industry, they would demand respect. Think of it as the organization-sized version of the young being told to respect their elders.
  • Establishment age – In contrast, age of establishment has an importance that is exclusive to cleaning leads. Even before attempting the sale, your cleaning leads should give you an idea on where you are sending your people. If it is a fresh, new facility of some sort, you would obviously be tasked to keep it that way as long as possible. If your prospect’s establishment has stood since the 19th century, expect to do some more delicate work (and maybe even a bit of restoration).

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No doubt there are other, more subtle ways that age can play a factor to generating cleaning leads (and successfully closing them). If you are looking to get started though, the above three are the best ways to start. Age is really more than just a number even in B2B lead generation.

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