Cleaning Leads – When Your Workforce Mixes With Others

The more varied your cleaning leads, the more industries you most likely serve as a commercial cleaning company. And when your cleaning leads are that diverse, the more diverse the work force you will be mixing with your own. Do not be so quick to dismiss the importance of knowing who you cleaners will be working with.

Workers Imply Work Place Environment, Which Should Be Mentioned In Cleaning Leads

Cleaning Leads, Commercial Cleaning Leads, Lead GenerationMake no mistake, it is not a matter of keeping your employees stuck in their comfort zones. However, it does help if your prospects will tell them about the kind of people they will be working with so that they can blend into their culture more easily. In fact, it can even go so far as to select the specific individuals for the job.

Of course, some complications will always arise. You need a list of more specific traits to identify to better organize your janitorial leads:

  • Industry – The obvious starting point. Classifying cleaning leads by industry instantly gives you an idea of what people do in a particular line of work. A client in the energy industry could mean sending janitors to work alongside engineers and electricians. Cleaning leads in the retail business could mean everything from convenience store clerks to mall personnel. And on a side note, the more experience they get working alongside those people, the more capable your business can be targeting potential clients in that industry.

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  • Customers – When you classify cleaning services leads by industry, it should follow that you know the kind of customers they cater to. Whoever your prospects serve, your workers will likely serve them as well. For instance, targeting schools and other educational institutions will mean dealing with students as much as teachers. If your prospective customers will tell you more about the student body as much as the faculty, then you can at least send workers who will not justify the Creepy Janitor stereotype.
  • Shifts – Do not think that just because your prospects have their shifts, you have yours. On the contrary, your prospects should be the first to tell you what time your people should punch in alongside everyone else in your client’s business. Some places have night shifts while others are only open during some days of the week or during certain seasons. If you want your workers to get used to it, it is best to know just exactly what they are doing it for.

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  • Areas – Some workers are allowed more access to certain areas than others. You may not be able to request blueprints when generating cleaning leads but it is enough know that there are some places that your people will not be allowed in. Medical and research facilities usually have this sort of thing. When you encounter such establishments among your commercial cleaning leads, be sure to make sure this is mentioned by your prospect. You do not want your employees suddenly triggering alarms or incurring major security violations.

At this point, you can say that your cleaning leads are not just meant to inform you or your salespeople. These same cleaning leads already have a lot of information that you can share with your employees. Maybe it is time you involved them a little more in cleaning lead generation. They probably have more right to know who they will be working with than you!

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