Cleaning Sales Leads From ‘Self-Sufficiency’

One of the hardest cleaning sales leads to qualify are those from prospects who come off as self-sufficient. These are the kind of companies that do everything in-house. Does your commercial cleaning firm even stand a chance? What if they have their own crew or have their own source of supplies? Should these even be considered sales leads at all?

Re-evaluate The Source Of These Sales Leads

Sales Leads, Cleaning Sales Leads, Cleaning LeadsWhat you are forgetting is that these office cleaning leads already have the one indicator that these companies are not as self-sufficient as they seem: interest. So long as you can generate these interest, you can acquire sales leads even from companies that attempt to organize their own staff. Now the question is, how exactly do you do that? How can you compete with those who pretty much make what they need?

The trick is to see these prospects as survivalists. Your sales leads come from those who want improvement but when it comes to survivalist thinking, the bare minimum is often the default bar. It is generally assumed that they are not keen on anything they deem a luxury. What you need to do is make sure you are not so much a luxury as you are something that they would simply be better off with.

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  • Understand their standards – These prospects measure themselves according to their own standards. If something crude is good enough to be called clean, then it is clean enough for them. However, do not forget the disseminating information and prospect education is necessary for generating qualified cleaning leads. Can these prospects say for certain that these standards are informed in of themselves?
  • See how much they spend – Price remains to be a competitive advantage here even if you are competing directly with what a prospect has put together to clean its workplaces up. And as always, you have a chance at sales leads if you present yourself as the cheaper and more cost-efficient alternative.

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  • It is not even their realm of expertise – Another cause for all the minimalism is a minimal understanding of what is needed. Another fact about sales leads is that they come from prospects who lack the knowledge and the experience to handle cleaning tasks on their own. Hence, you save the trouble and let them get back to their own work by marketing your business!
  • Test if it is actually a luxury – Sometimes, they actually create their own tools because they have the luxury to spend so much even though they do not know much. This too can still mean you have sales leads on your hands if this makes them less of a survivalist and more like a business that needs to take issues of work place cleanliness just a bit more seriously.

Your commercial cleaning leads are not always limited to people who come to you because they already admit they cannot do certain things on their own. You can still have sales leads even from prospects who feel a little too confident in how long they want with a lot less. Having less is no badge of honor.

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