Cleaning Services Lead Generation – Does It Pile Pressure?

It is not that hard to see cleaning services lead generation as a source of pressure. Its very conception was from the need for businesses like janitorial firms to get new clients. Clients are what keep a business running so obviously you can feel the pressure of that need to acquire them. However, is that all there is to the pressure from lead generation?

Lead Generation Pressure Comes In All Types, Both Good And Bad

Lead Generation, Janitorial Lead Generation, Sales LeadsActually, the process of lead generation puts the pressure on just you, your marketers, or your salespeople. It also puts the pressure on employees and even your other clients! Furthermore, the good and bad kind of pressure tends to intermingle. You need to make sure your lead generation strategy keeps only the good pressure on while filtering what the bad sort which cause people to snap:

  • Pressure for marketers – Outsourced or not, you need a quota or some other tangible measure of expectations so that they will know how much they need to work on your lead generation campaign. On the other hand, be realistic with setting goals. Do not expect everything to come cheap. Otherwise, demands that are too high will result in janitorial leads, office cleaning or residential cleaning, that have been rushed and poorly qualified.
  • Pressure for salespeople – Salespeople who are pressured to make closes are likely to facilitate the pressures placed on others. Why? Because they play a large role in bridging the lead generation process with the overall sales process. They are the ones that close deals that either have the potential to keep operations running or have those same operations running dangerously close to the breaking point.

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  • Pressure for prospects – Once clients know they are well within the lead generation process, they too feel an obligation to see this through. They are under pressure also from other parties who either want to be outsourced instead or want their janitorial tasks covered as soon as possible. On the other hand, you would do well not to pressure them any more than that. Get them to say yes or no but do not harass them for it.
  • Pressure for employees – Finally, more clients means more work for your employees. Naturally, a lot of work is good (which makes janitorial lead generation good). Too much work though means you are, frankly, both evil and insane. Whether it is you, your marketers, or your salespeople. Keep your efforts on a leash when it starts to attract work beyond what your current resources can handle.

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To summarize, you need the good kind of pressure as a sort of motivator. It is the kind that shows there is still much work to be done (whether it is in lead generation, closing sales, or actual janitorial tasks). But at the end of the day, there is a need to let out all that steam. From business leads to new clients, make sure none of it pile up for too long.

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