Clutter In Cleaning Appointment Setting? Remove It!

Appointment setting strategies have clutter as much as your janitorial prospects have clutter in their offices, schools, and homes. In both cases, the only answer to that is really to start cleaning house. However, do not forget that there are a lot of psychological factors to clutter. These factors seep into your appointment setting process as well and you need to train your mind to create a strong definition of what clutter is.

De-Cluttering Your Appointment Setting Process

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  • Get rid of things that do not matter to prospects – Some methods, messages, and materials do not actually serve to better a prospect’s image of you. For example, your appointment setting strategy could revolve around the idea that qualified janitorial leads need a corporate image. Is it having the desired effect though? If not, perhaps you need to be less formal in your appointment setting process and just work on being you!

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  • Minimize the things that do not deliver – If your appointment setting strategy covers various channels, start evaluating each one. Not everyone is perfect in using particular channels. For example, if you find that you get more sales leads from telemarketing than social media, focus on telemarketing more. This applies even if you are outsourcing an appointment setting company. You need to pick one that gets the best with its methods.
  • Update or get rid of old info – There is a reason that updating goes first. The same tools you use in your daily appointment setting routine are also the ones making sure your information is accurate. If it is not, the next course of action is to replace the old data with new information or just remove the entry completely. Doing so keeps you from not only wasting time on bad contacts, it can keep you out of trouble.

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  • Really think deeply on what has meaning to you – Sometimes what other people regard as clutter in your appointment setting process can really hold a deep meaning for you. Before you discard a method or a piece of information, do a bit of reflection. Can this be used for future appointment setting campaigns? Were you hoping to reach new heights and disprove naysayers of a certain method?

The result is you will definitely have some things worth letting go. These things had posed as obstacles to your appointment setting goals as well as your business goals in general. Start de-cluttering today and make more room for your janitorial sales leads!

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