Finding Cleaning Services Leads Among Stink Leads

Things can be more than what meets the eye and that includes your own cleaning services leads. No commercial cleaning company, big or small, should be quick to judge their prospects from how they ‘appear.’ Qualifying sales leads should not be so fast paced (especially when you actually have the means to spot unusual details).

Cleaning Your Sales Leads A Second Time

Ever watched Spirited Away? One of the most famous scenes in that anime movie is when a foul-smelling Stink Spirit becomes a guest in the bathhouse where the protagonist is forced to work. In that scene, she ends up giving the creature a major clean-up only to reveal to everyone that this ‘Stink Spirit’ was in fact a very powerful River God. And so like her, you might want to clean again to find unlikely sales leads among your stink leads.

Finding B2B leads from stink leads is not limited to old leads. Like the Stink Spirit, there are things you can watch out for that will indicate sales leads even if the prospects do not ‘look’ like the best clients:

  • They are willing to pay – In the movie, it seems that the Stink Spirit is quite capable of paying for a bath despite not looking like the type to even afford one. For your sales leads, money means budget. Even if a prospect is in an industry or region that does not pay well, the fact that they are at least capable of paying means you should consider them.

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  • Something is off – As earlier implied, something could be barring a prospect’s capacity to present themselves as highly promising sales leads. In the movie, the so-called Stink Spirit had an unusual thorn on its side that begun to give everyone second doubts about its identity.
  • Further cleaning reveals more – Once the thorn was found, everyone suddenly started to pitch in. Qualifying cleaning sales leads takes a lot of work but as you gain more and more details about your prospect, it all starts coming together. Truly bad sales leads have nothing else for you to go by.

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Great reward awaits those who patiently qualify their sales leads and work their hardest for any prospect, no matter how stinky they may first appear. In fact, this can even extend beyond sales leads to client meetings. Is a prospect’s work place in really bad shape? Guess what, that is why they are doing business with you in the first place.

Cleaning Services Leads, Sales Leads, Cleaning Sales LeadsIt is just like that moment when River God in Spirited Away was finally freed from the garbage and pollution. He exited the bathouse in all his glory and power, leaving a hefty sum of gold as payment for his recovery. The same story can happen to you if your sales lead generation process turned more stink leads in to warm sales leads!

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