Generating Cleaning Leads Using Others’ Experience

Citing experience is a popular marketing tactic for attracting cleaning leads. In some cases, few things can compel prospects better than people who have seen things with their own eyes and done more with their own hands. As a commercial cleaning firm, you should not only rely on the wealth of experience you can draw on for marketing.

Generate Cleaning Leads With A Variety Of Experiences

Cleaning Leads, Commercial Cleaning Leads, Appointment SettingThe more experiences you have, the more janitorial leads you can attract and qualify. Why? The secret is variety. You not only have a lot of experiences, you get them from different sources. This same variety will also attract and equally wide variety of cleaning services leads.

You have the experience of your own employees. There is the experience of your previous and current customers. You can even draw from the experience of competitors too!

  • Employees – Among your cleaning leads, you will find prospects who go beyond caring for the welfare of their own people. They are concerned with those belonging to other businesses working for them. That could include you. For such prospects, you should try showing what a day is like in the life of your workers. You have to face the fact that a janitor is not exactly the most flattering job in the world. The least you can do is not compromise your cleaning leads by affirming (or even worsening) that image.
  • Past/Current customers – If you have had success with previous B2B leads, why not share them? Client testimonies is not exactly an uncommon marketing tactic. A particularly effective strategy is to target cleaning leads who represent businesses that greatly influence other buyers. If you have heard of referral marketing before, this the main concept of that approach. Done right, you will basically get cleaning leads from qualifying a single one!

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  • Competitors – Some prospects can be skeptical and skeptics are ever the classic obstacle to generating cleaning leads. They doubt the severity of maintenance problems and question the need for certain cleaning procedures. In such cases, the most powerful form evidence is the experience of another competitor. Even if you guys are targeting each other’s commercial cleaning leads, the fact that you both recognize the same problem should be enough show any skeptic how bad it is.

Now remember, as each different experience corresponds with a type of prospect, do not forget to market the appropriate one. Again, targeting your cleaning leads will be important if you want this strategy to work. As a suggestion, try identifying what influences a prospect more. If you have been relying heavily on content for cleaning leads, then make sure to use content that matches the experience you are citing.

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When you share your experiences, you are sharing stories. If you want cleaning leads by convincing prospects with evidence, stories are a very good bet. Furthermore, do not have to wait until the end of B2B appointment setting process to start sharing those stories.

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