Getting Sales Leads From Secret Hideouts

Whether it is janitorial or any other business, your sales leads should mean more than just the money or the contracts they make. For instance, they should tell you a few things about your prospects. These things could be significant throughout the course of your business relationship. The details in your sales leads could mean something else asides from the place where you made your deal.

Location: An Often Overlooked Detail In Sales Leads

Sales Leads, Janitorial Sales Leads, Lead GenerationThe location of a prospect is often underestimated in the process of lead generation. Once the address has been given, few marketers and salespeople give it a second glance because they are in a rush to qualify more sales leads. They do not realize just how much an impact location has when it comes to working for another business.

To illustrate, what if, somewhere among your sales leads, you find addresses to actual secret hideouts?

Now you might think that is impossible because they would not be so secret. However, no matter how secret, these places need someone (or even a large group) too keep things clean. That automatically marks them as potential janitorial leads.

And the thing about hideouts is that they are actually pretty good at hiding in plain sight.

  • The Superhero HQ – Whether it is the Batcave or Stark Tower, superhero hideouts tend to be good at either concealing themselves or publicizing to the point of prestige. In either case, not caring for the addresses in your sales leads could mean sending janitors who might accidentally push a hidden button or stumble upon a costume. That is hardly the most dramatic way to unveil someone’s secret identity.
  • The Mad Scientist’s Laboratory – On the surface, these sales leads look like regular clinics or research facilities. Underneath however, your janitors hear a maniacal laughter and strange shadows from the basement. Congratulations. Because you neglected to give these sales leads another look, your people may wind up as experiments themselves!

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  • The Secret Government Facility – Picture this, you just closed a recent batch of janitorial sales leads with a major contract from one government client. All of a sudden, your people return saying they have no memory of that contract. You check your database of past sales leads and find no record of the deal at all. The next moment, two men in black visit you in the office and smile as they neuralize you as well.

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  • The Mysterious Library – Okay, so you have had libraries among your sales leads before. What is wrong with that? They are just places full of books right? The only thing to worry about is how old these books are and how to be careful with them. No harm ever came out of reading a book right? Well, sure that is until you get a call from a janitor saying one your guys got sucked inside one while dusting it.

While all this sounds too crazy and impossible, consider this a fun way to recognize one realistic point: Location. Knowing the location of these sales leads is about using B2B lead generation to inform your employees of where you will be sending them. Your actual sales leads may not seem as unreal or imaginary but these same sales leads have their own surprising secrets too.

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