How Sales Leads Can Be Generated Despite Negative Feedback

It remains a popular notion that negative feedback is never good for any business and a clear obstacle to attracting sales leads. But when you are in an industry like commercial cleaning, you will always expect a complaint or two. You and your people cannot always do a perfect job. On the other hand, what if the feedback has reached a rather intense scale like, for example, negative online reviews? Has it driven your chances of getting leads all the way down to zero?

Lead Generation Can Persist Despite Negative Reviews

Sales Leads, Cleaning Sales Leads, Lead GenerationThe key to handling negative reviews is to simply see them as one large complaint. And as you know, complaints can be a very good opportunity to attract more cleaning leads and improve your business. If you see a bad review as simply one, well-written, and major complaint, then the opportunity to grow from it can be just as large.

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As a start, this article from Entrepreneur cites Darnell Holloway of review site Yelp! on how to handle bad reviews. When you look more closely though, there is a lot that his recommended steps have in common when it comes to handling complaints. Furthermore, there are hints as to how these can help your business in a similar way.

1. Keep your cool: When deciding how to handle a review, avoid a virtual screaming match, even if a review is completely wrong or even just off base. ‘When deciding how to handle the review, we suggest thinking about what your customer service policies are for face-to-face interactions and applying that same logic to your written response,’ Holloway says.”

Your customer support services handle complaints all the time so why not consult them on how to best communicate with the one who wrote the bad review? Or better yet, they can help you generate a response should such a review grow in notoriety in your target market.

2. Respond diplomatically: When you do respond to an online review — negative or positive — be civil and professional, and make sure to offer a solution when appropriate.”

The best part here is the possibility of offering a solution means there is yet another problem that you could potentially address. And when you have found a way to address such a problem, you now have more value. Value attracts cleaning sales leads.

3. Be consistent: Actively reading and responding to user reviews can accomplish at least two important things. First, it can provide insight into how your product or service resonates with customers, as well as ideas for how you can do better. Second, it can show users that you care and are engaged.”

Feedback will always be feedback, regardless if it is positive or negative. And the greatest thing about it? It gives you more ideas on how to improve your business. You do not despair from your mistakes but learn from them.

Source: Got a Bad Yelp Review? Here’s What to Do

So despite all the bad vibes and even the possibility of being mistakenly criticized, never close yourself off to negative feedback. Bad reviews are just complaints in a bigger package. And if handled properly, you will have more success in cleaning lead generation.

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