Janitorial Companies & Lead Generation Methods

lead generation, janitorial companies, cleaning leadsJanitorial companies are firms that usually help you clean-up your office. However, did you know just how such a business came to find you? You didn’t expect them to just go around and send their sales representatives into random office buildings, did you? If you don’t know about how these types of businesses search for clients then we’ll have you know that they do it through lead generation.

Lead generation for janitorial companies shouldn’t be unheard of in this day and age as a lot of businesses rely on leads to find new clients thanks to all the competition and the ever-growing market. As such, it isn’t a wonder if you receive a call from a cleaning company or an email in your inbox about cleaning services every now and then. However, did you know that not all forms of lead generation are effective when it comes to marketing the service which janitorial companies are offering their potential clients?

Yes, it’s true. Not all forms that we use in generating leads may be effective when it comes to marketing services such as those offered by these cleaning services firms. So if you’re the owner of a janitorial company or marketer looking for the best way to market such services, here are a few ways in which your business can start generating leads.

Generate leads through good old fashioned telemarketing.

If you are a person who believes that business should be done in the way it always has been and don’t believe in things like Internet marketing, then telemarketing is definitely one of the options you should explore. Rather than handing out fliers or sending your sales reps on long walks to try and catch a few clients through a face-to-face, you can start generating cleaning leads just by picking up the phone.

As you may know, it costs a lot to just send your sales representatives to the different locales you target. You have to deal with transportation fees, lodging, and all that stuff that needs to be handled on such business-related trips. Wouldn’t it be better to at least fund a business trip when you know your prospect at least wants to be talking with one of your guys? Well, you can do that through telemarketing and appointment setting. Call one of your prospects, ask if they’re interested and set an appointment! Sounds simple, right? However the specifics are better left to you on how you are going to approach your potential clients and how you communicate with them.

Generate leads through Internet marketing.

If you aren’t content with just making use of telemarketing, then perhaps lead generation through Internet marketing will be more to your liking. Do you have people in your company that can produce high-quality content such as infographics, videos and blog posts? If you do, then you can utilize the Internet to help boost the traffic you get to your websites and better your visitor-to-lead conversion rates.

It is not impossible to get cleaning leads from places such as your own company blog. Prospects you are targeting may be in need of information to help reinforce their buying decision and some of these people will usually take to the online world to get that much needed content. An infographic, a good mixture of visual media and written text, may just be the key to capturing your prospect’s interest and leading them to becoming a lead for your sales reps to handle.

Here are two different methods with which janitorial companies can perform lead generation. Actually, these two approaches can be combined to create a good marketing mix, however that’s perfectly up to you to decide if you want to try incorporating Internet marketing with telemarketing.

Rest assured though, these two are methods which many companies in the same industry employ. If your competitors can get leads through using them, then so can you!

What’s stopping you? Start doing lead generation for your cleaning company today!

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