Janitorial Sales Leads Can Still Be Compromised By Your Own Influencers

When generating commercial cleaning services leads, another common obstacle (more common now with the prevalence of social marketing) is dealing with influencers who back a competitor. Naturally, the solution lies in getting your own influencers on your side (or even target the same expert buyer your competitor is marketing too). However, that does not mean your sales leads are safe from even your own influencer’s, well, influence.

How Your Own Influencer’s Can Ruin Potential Sales Leads

Sales Leads, Janitorial Sales Leads, Lead GenerationThis problem might seem more evident if you had more customers and have developed a strong following of your own. Still, why wait for that to happen while you are still generating a growing number of janitorial leads, carpet cleaning leads or residential cleaning leads? As a janitorial company, it will not take long before quality service starts generating all the sales leads you could ask for so you need to watch out for the signs now before the situation gets out of hand.

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So what are the ways that your own influencers can drive away potential customers or worse, drive away an entirely new market for sales leads?

  • Overconfidence – More specifically, they overestimate their own influence while ignoring the influence of other potential markets for the janitorial industry as well as your right as a business to pursue these market for new sales leads. It takes a lot for them to prove their position short of becoming janitorial firms themselves.
  • Lack of understanding – The subject of janitorial services might be trifles for some but it can be a slightly more heated debate between expert buyers. Some prefer a particular level of control while others think they they are not being vigilant enough in scrutinizing their outsourced janitors. Your janitorial sales leads are in hot water if you continue to let conflicts like that go unresolved.

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  • Bullying behavior – Do not be shocked. This already happens among consumer markets. Influencers drive out those with differing views on a particular product or service and fanbases are controlled via mob rule. If this is a form of social marketing, it is still not the most ethical way for you to generate sales leads. You as an actual provider in the industry have a right to dictate who your customers shall be.

No matter how different they may be, your customers have one thing in common: They are your customers. The same extends to your sales leads. Think twice before allowing your lead generation services to favor influencers over each other.

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