Lead Generation Tips – Do Not Feel Out Of Place

Sometimes, even before the start of your lead generation campaign, one look at your prospects makes you feel like you are out of place. Do not lose heart! What is the point of going for more high-end clients when you have no confidence that you can serve them? There are ways you can adjust your lead generation strategy to minimize that feeling.

Using Lead Generation To Communicate, Analyze, And Lie Low

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Afraid to look out of place here? You’re not alone.

This is important because you will not be the only one who might feel out of place when your lead generation finally sets its sights just a little higher. For example, if you were a janitor who was used to cleaning in public schools, would you not feel out of place if you were suddenly assigned to work in some place a little more elite? The worst case scenario is that they think you have lost it and your lead generation campaign is just going to end up snubbed.

The good news is such places can still be qualified as janitorial leads while getting rid of fears on both the sides of your own employees and your prospects. There are three things you have to constantly use your lead generation process for in order for this to work: Communication, Analysis, and Lying Low

  • Communication – By default, your lead generation process is already centered on communicating with a prospect. What you should not forget is that communication is long-term. Even after they maintain some slight interest or even after they have given you a sale, keep using your lead generation tools to stay in touch with prospects so you will know more about them and the current status of your relationship.

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  • Analysis – Understanding the culture of your prospect’s establishment is another important step in janitorial lead generation. And obviously, this is also the part where you might feel mostly out of place. Yet coincidentally, this is where it is most important for you to understand what it takes to blend in and feel far less out of place.
  • Lying Low – Now your employees (nor even yourself) do not have to play some expensive dress-up just to blend in. Using the analysis you obtained with your lead generation tools, your janitorial activities alone are enough to help your employees lie low. Use your knowledge of rules and schedules in your prospect establishment to adjust them accordingly before making a sale and finally deploying.

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Besides, what if your prospects are not as elitist as you fear? Come now, they cannot all be like those in books or television. In fact, using your lead generation process to learn more about them only goes to confirm how much of a popular stereotype remains true. Do not disqualify your janitorial sales leads just because you feel out of place!

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