Lead Generation Tips – Reducing The Needs In Prospects

Just because your cleaning lead generation strategy targets commercial cleaning needs does not mean all needs should not be reduced. Sometimes the demand for something can reach so high that the costs begin strangling customers and making it difficult to expand and gain new ones. Therefore, there must be some way your lead generation strategy can control certain needs and help the costs of fulfilling them stabilize.

Remember, Your Lead Generation Strategy Does Not Target All Needs

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The word ‘needs’ here is actually used in a highly general sense. Every business has plenty of needs. You though just fulfill their need for a clean work space and use that to identify qualified commercial cleaning leads. It is the other needs related to it that might be a problem. See, unlike your lead generation strategy, these needs will only merit them the attention of those who will charge extra because they cannot be fulfilled!

You may have already guessed it. Everything from regulations to the complaints of a prospect’s own customers/employees are all needs that can earn charges and penalties that drain finances. This is something your lead generation campaign does not directly address. However, the need for a cleaner work environment can help minimize those needs in turn.

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Now how do you use your lead generation tools to discover these needs? It might sound like you are overstepping your jurisdiction right? Well that is the best part. You do not! See these concerns are still related to commercial cleaning. Your lead generation process can push through if you know where and the right way to ask:

  • Target affected industries – Do some research to help your cleaning lead generation campaign target industries most affected by complaints and failures to comply with certain regulations. This is usually due to them being too preoccupied with rough work to think too much about keeping it all clean (or at least cleaning up at the end of the day).
  • See if prospects are aware – Engaging prospects gently and sincerely will generate you more office cleaning leads than just coming at them with uncomfortable facts. See if they are first aware and at least try and understand why they just cannot get any other company to help their situation. Your lead generation campaign might just be the one with the solution they are looking for.

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  • Share results with previous clients – Your lead generation campaign can further back itself up with testimonies from previous clients. Show them how your services helped reduced all the fines and complaints that were slowing their business down. After that, use your lead generation process to help prospects visualize the same with their own business.

On a final note, getting leads for cleaning services this way also shows you are aware of how much their industry is being afflicted and are willing to provide them the cost-effective solutions to finally get them out of the gutter. A lead generation campaign like this does not really minimize the needs you base targeting on. It minimizes the needs that can even make it hard for them to pay you!

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