Lead Generation Tips – Saving The World VS Selling To It

Surprise: this is not about using lead generation to serve some non-profit cause. This is not about turning your janitorial company into some kind of charity (although that is a good idea too). This is about those moments in your lead generation campaign when even the pressure of saving the world feels a lot better than the pressure to sell to it.

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When Daydreams Have Higher Hopes Than Your Lead Generation Campaign

This is about those moments when you dream about being a superhero (perhaps with a janitorial theme for humor) rather than being a salesman. It is when you feel that you would rather be some chosen one who is the universe’s last hope rather than your lead generation campaign’s last hope for janitorial leads.

And you know what? You (or at least your marketing employees) should not entirely be blamed. The only thing you really have to worry about is the productivity of your lead generation campaign and how to make it more worth your while. Still, how do you make yourself sober without letting it hurt so much that you fail to keep going?

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  • The reward is real – Focusing on what is real does not have to be completely dull and mundane. At the very least, your lead generation campaign is bringing you results and helping you make sales. Those sales in turn keep operations going, keep employees going, and to an extent helps pay for the times when you really want to get your mind of work.
  • The difference you make is real – It is important for your janitorial lead generation process to keep bringing a steady flow of work. Work lets you really make a difference even if you are not going a non-profit route with your janitorial firm. It lets you know how satisfied your clients are and there remains some value in actual accomplishments even if they do not involve deeds of daring to.
  • The problems are real – Lead generation is a process of discovering problems, real problems that affect real businesses. And when you think about it, maybe it is a good thing that these problems are not some full-scale alien invasion or the emergence of a demonic army sealed underneath some random city.

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Promoting your janitorial services via lead generation may not be a superhero gig but there are simply times when you have to be content with what is real. And while reality may not be as fun as fantasy, your janitorial sales leads at least pay for the latter.

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