Sales Leads Can Be Lost When Prospects Do Your Job

Regardless of how many janitorial sales leads you get, there might be at least one person in your company who wishes that prospect companies picked up after themselves more. This kind of thinking can be both good and bad actually. It is good because it shows that you cannot really do everything for your prospect. It is bad when it costs your sales leads as a result of prospects doing all the things you were supposed to be doing.

Sales Leads Are Like Citizens Needing A Superhero

Sales Leads, Janitorial Sales Leads, Lead GenerationYou know how it is in superhero stories where the hero/heroine gets too tired from saving the day that they wish things would just stay safe even for just a little while? That can be your business after qualifying so many sales leads but realize that there is never a shortage of people in need of janitors. As Mr. Incredible said, you feel like the maid. You just qualified these janitorial leads, cleaned up the mess they were in, but could they keep themselves neat for just a few days? Noooo. They keep doing it and your people are starting to grumble about fast this was getting old. Surely you could do away with fewer sales leads just to give yourself a break and watch prospects do things themselves right?

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You might be overlooking one thing though: you only wish for a few days. That does not mean you should stop looking for sales leads indefinitely and just teach prospects how to do your job. You are janitorial company, not a janitorial college! There comes a point when you still acquire sales leads by being the person who does something in their stead, not the other way around. What could be sadder though is that prospects overlook this as well. They wonder why they give you these qualified business leads when they could just hire janitors of their own. After that, the overlooking only continues. They deem the job too easy to outsource without wondering how they could keep it from eating up their time, money, and energy. This is why it is important that you really stress to everyone that you are not asking much. You are still open to sales leads but want prospects to give your business some breathing room.

  • Know how far you are willing to go – Do not immediately aim for sales leads who will pay you high to put yourself through the extremes. Plenty of popular superheroes started first by dealing with petty thievery prior to stopping death rays and giant monsters. Start first with something well within your capacity then slowly go for sales leads that whose demands rank just a bit higher each time.

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  • Be aware of what you are being paid for – Sometimes exhaustion is more of a sign of weakness than a sign that your business does not give itself a break. It is like that challenging comic book question: Would superheroes stay super in a world where they are not needed? Can your business survive without offering itself for sales leads and taking up the janitorial concerns of clients?
  • Get prospects/clients cooperation – Janitorial lead generation means constructing a relationship with prospects, not just sales leads. And in that relationship, you should not be afraid to ask for their assistance. If you know your limits then it is at those limits that you can safely request cooperation without necessarily letting them do your job.

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