Sales Leads – Clean Up When They Spill!

If sales leads were like grocery items, your cleaning business needs to act fast when something major causes them to spill. Imagine it like your typical grocery store scenario where you hear the classic line: “Clean up on Aisle 5!” In fact, if such stores are among your sales leads, then responding to a spill of business data should only be the marketing version to your people’s response to actual spills on the aisles.

How Sales Leads Can Spill

Sales Leads, Cleaning Sales Lead, Lead GenerationBut first, exactly how can you spill sales leads (much less do them en masse)? Anyone an ample amount of lead generation experience will already have a few ideas. And because of that, your cleaning leads have to be cleaned up right away before your sales process ends up becoming a complete mess.

  • A bad batch of contacts – You may have started generating sales leads by buying a stock list of contact information. However, perhaps due to circumstances beyond your control, you could not qualify them all. Perhaps some of these potential sales leads just seem too obscure and reclusive that both qualifying and closing will take some time. You need to clean them out of your database for the time being. Perhaps you generate sales leads from them some other time but it would better to start with more promising opportunities before going back to recycle them.

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  • Database hacking – It is not much to imagine how a failed attempt at shop lifting could result in a mess. The same goes for when you learned that your database of sales leads has been compromised by hackers. When this happens, try to increase the the priority you have set for the affected leads. How fast can you close them and how soon can you generate new leads to recover what has been lost? As usual, the sooner you act, the better.
  • Unstable accumulation – Some accidents can be from having too many of a particular product in a highly unstable arrangement. Think of your cleaning sales leads like that pyramid of canned goods. Meanwhile your salespeople have a bad habit of picking those that will send the whole structure crashing down. More specifically, they end up picking leads that end up conflicting with their schedule or that of others. Fix this by reconstructing your sales leads to be more stable while educating your salespeople to pick a little more prudently.

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As you can see, all of these spills rely on one thing when it comes to effectively cleaning them up: quick response, quick action. There is no 100% guarantee that a portion of your sales leads will not suffer a blow of some kind. The best way is to answer such events with a sales lead generation strategy that is as fast as your cleaners when they hear: “Clean up on Aisle 5!”

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