Selling And Lead Generation – Unifying Their Purpose

People will tell you that lead generation and marketing are just about selling. Sure, you can admit that you tell people about your janitorial business in the hopes of getting them interested. Give critics like that the satisfaction of conceding that point. Both lead generation and selling are supposed to be unified in purpose anyways. On the other hand, you should be ready to ask in turn: What is wrong with that?

Why Lead Generation Is Necessary For Selling And Why Selling Is Necessary At All

Lead Generation, Janitorial Service Lead Generation, Sales LeadsSelling is not just necessary in business. It is necessary for the stability created by businesses. And to an extent, it makes lead generation necessary as well. You and everyone else in your janitorial business need to make a living and your janitorial leads are companies who need your cleaning services. It is not that complicated.

Unfortunately, some people are just so focused on emphasizing the idea of selling as if it is a problem. It gets worse if these criticisms are somehow complicating what would have been a straightforward lead generation strategy. Fortunately, they are all based on a common set of misunderstandings:

  • They forget that nothing comes for free – Face it, there really is no such thing as a free lunch. In fact, the costs of lead generation alone are derived from what it will it make use of. Your janitorial services are not so different. You have workers to pay as well supplies and tools to equip them with.

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  • They do not know how lead generation assists the buying decision – All decisions need information. That includes just the right amount of information that will help prospects make their buying decision. Your lead generation strategy is just as much about sharing knowledge with potential customers as it is about gaining knowledge about them.
  • They underestimate the consequences of lower quality – Another popular saying you can quote to your critics is that you get what you pay for. The process of janitorial service lead generation automatically rules out prospects like that. You do not want a client wants an unfair deal that focuses on cutting corners instead of real cost-efficiency.

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  • They ignore how selling serves a higher purpose – Finally, critics of the selling process forget that both lead generation and sales have an even higher purpose in mind. It just so happens that the most realistic way to fulfill that purpose would be to make money. That money is what keeps services and operations going.

You do not have to make money just for the sake of it just the same way lead generation is not just for the sake of marketing. Whether it is janitorial sales leads or janitorial sales, they all have a higher, unifying purpose.

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