Using Janitorial Lead Generation To Stay In The Game

Sometimes the greatest obstacle to your janitorial firm’s lead generation campaign can be in the form of better technology. It is the classic Luddite cliché. What will happen when things like robots start replacing human janitors? Should your lead generation campaign turn technophobic?

Using Lead Generation To Compete With Technology

Lead Generation, Janitorial Lead Generation, Sales LeadsActually, you do not have to despise technological advancements in order to stay competitive. On the contrary, your lead generation tools are exactly what you need to embrace it, learn more about it, and finally, how your own janitorial services can find more janitorial leads with it. You should not worry about replacing your workers with machines but rather know what else the creation of these machines could mean for them.

  • Know that technology is not perfect – You do not need to be a Luddite to doubt the perfection of any technological step towards the future. Now one kind of lead generation tactic is deploying surveys. Use that to determine if there is anything new technology has been unable to perform.

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  • Use the information to upskill employees – The feedback acquired by your lead generation campaign can be used to determine what new skills you could train your employees in. Here is an interesting example: you do not exactly need technical expertise to knock out a rogue robot.
  • Find ways to deepen integration – Your janitorial lead generation campaign can also use feedback to learn more about how man and machine can work together. The more information you get out of your lead generation campaign, the more both you and your customers can push technological developments in your own way.

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It might sound like something out of a video game but the fears of technology replacing manual works is alive, real, and can perpetuate among both janitorial workers and janitorial clients. You do not want this fear bitterly knocking your company out of commission! If you want to stay in this game, your B2B sales leads to know more about how to keep playing!

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