When Cleaning Appointment Setting Is Suddenly Forgotten

One of the key safety measures in any appointment setting strategy is a rescheduling tactic. You have to be prepared in case a prospect decides to meet with your cleaning company some other time or even at an earlier time. The trick part is you never know when this might happen and your appointment setting campaign gets you busy enough as it is. The worst case scenario? Your prospect forgets and would like to reschedule on the spot.

Does Appointment Setting Have To Be Super Flexible?

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If you are ever faced with a prospect like that, the last thing you want is to spread panic across your entire appointment setting campaign. Sure, it sounds quite painful for your sales representative to call only to realize a prospect has forgotten and would like to find some other time. There is still plenty reason to keep calm and find a way to give a prospect time. Panicking will only cost you qualified cleaning leads!


  • Make sure you had a good foothold – This might hurt even more but it is best to admit that your appointment setting process did not do well with this prospect. Interest did not take as strong a hold that you initially assumed. It is why they neglected the small meeting you arranged. Make sure that while you are still in the middle of appointment setting, this prospect is eager and has a really strong need for commercial cleaning services.

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  • Hear them out – If you feel entitled to at least know why they forget, that is your right. However, this is where your B2B appointment setting strategy should sit back and just listen. Hear them out and understand why they had so much on their minds already. Be prepared to also reduce those burdens and tell them you are patient enough to understand.
  • Do not blame them – It does not matter whether a prospect really cared or is sincerely apologizing for forgetting, you should not blame them. This is not the time to be pointing fingers. Give them what they want, it will still have a chance to save your appointment setting efforts.

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Remember, the very reason why you have an appointment setting campaign in the first place is because you want prospects to know you are there. You want to serve them and to even alleviate the burdens that is causing them to forget. Establish a good foothold when you are generating office cleaning leads but always make sure to still be of service even if they have accidentally forgotten about you.

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