When Sales Leads Come From Emergency Calls

As a commercial cleaning firm, there are times when it is good to treat inbound sales leads as if they were emergency calls. Problems like leaky pipes, pest infestations, and the occasional big clean up can be all in a day’s work for any experienced company. However, never forget the most important part about facilitating emergency calls like that or you will not generate as many sales leads as you hoped.

Traits For Allowing An Easy Flow Of Fast Sales Leads

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This would be an emergency.

Sure you might stand to also benefit from a gradual flow of inbound sales leads. Something like a regular, decently-optimized website is perfect for attracting the casual searcher of commercial cleaning services. Still, nobody ever said that you have to limit your cleaning leads to window-shoppers and passerbys. It helps to have all your bases covered and that includes catching the eye of customers who are in a more urgent search:

  • Make it noticeable – Things like bold font or short CTAs are normally not recommended for sales leads except for when your prospects are searching too quickly to notice less assertive or attention-grabbing signal. If you are opting to grab their attention, you should indeed have something like that in reserve.

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  • Understand the nature of the emergency – No point attracting people in an emergency if you do not know what that emergency is. Understand the prospect’s problem fully before qualifying them as sales leads. It does not matter how trivial it may seem, because even trivial jobs are better than none.
  • Make it easy to access – Avoid asking too much information or too many prompts before you could respond. If you have been using contact forms as the point of entry for cleaning sales leads, limit the number of fields. If you have been using calls, make the number large enough to read and limit the number of redirections. Do not waste your prospect’s time.

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  • Differentiate new sales leads from current/old customers – Not all emergency calls come exclusively from old or new customers. Some old customers might have run into a new problem and have used the current staff on-site to relay them to you. Your sales leads could also come from new businesses who had finally been fed up with the current state of their dirty work place.

Ease is the most critical element in making the most out of someone’s emergency call whether these would result in new sales leads in your funnel or maintaining current customer satisfaction. They will both just intertwine anyway so make sure nobody has a hard time getting in touch with you. The benefits it will have on your sales lead generation strategy are worth it.

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