Why Lead Generation Should Help Prospects Escape

What does lead generation have to do with escapism? You can start with the simple fact that your lead generation campaign offers prospects an escape from cleaning duties: your company. You might be surprised that while you may not be in the business of selling books or MMOs, the same critics of escapism are actually same critics that you will face during lead generation!


How Does Your Lead Generation Campaign Promote Escapism?


Lead Generation, Cleaning Lead Generation, Cleaning LeadsDuring your lead generation campaign, what is the general premise behind your pitches? What advantages do cleaning companies normally offer? It is the prospect of freeing prospects from their commercial cleaning concerns.
It kind of sounds like how fantasy junkies eat and drink books to free themselves from their own concerns. But whether it is them or your prospects, the charge of being lazy escapists seems to be the favorite weapon of both your critics.
And at the very least, the geeks do not seem to have much to lose but for you, these could very well cost you all the office cleaning leads you could generate!
The good news though is that their criticism has a fatal flaw: escapism is not all that bad. If you have ever read Tolkien, you will know he is also famous for coming to the defense of those who wish to escape. Your lead generation prospects have this desire just as much as the gamers, the readers, as well as the soldier in the novelist’s famed quote.


  • They are jailed by their worries – A part of any good cleaning services lead generation strategy is targeting. What are you aiming for? Needs. Needs are not just passing fancies. These are indicators that a prospect company just cannot bother worrying about maintenance anymore. You are their only chance of freedom.
  • They desire freedom to do what they really want – Speaking of which, letting your prospects escape does not mean your lead generation strategy promotes laziness. On the contrary, you offer yourself as cost-effective provider for the purpose of giving prospects the freedom to do more of what they really want to do!

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  • They are being forced to struggle – The worst critics are not only the less constructive but also more constrictive. Why? It is because they employ misinformation and scare tactics to keep your prospects trudging along with their commercial cleaning burdens. Your lead generation campaign is needed to counter it and liberate prospects!

Your commercial cleaning leads are never targeted based on a desire of lazy prospect companies but prospect who wish to escape from concerns they deem mundane. Use your lead generation strategy to give them a chance at that liberty!

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