Use Appointment Setting To Show That You’ve Really Been Listening!

No janitor is perfect so complaints are inevitable in the cleaning business. Whether these complaints are valid or not, you’re bound to get some still. The only thing you can do is to provide decent customer service in such an event.

Unfortunately, today is an age where people have a bad tendency to excessively depend on technology to solve their problems. Your company might not be an exception. To start with, have you ever looked closely at how you receive complaints? Do your current clients email you? Does your website allow the filing of complaints via an online form?

Chances are, they’re not satisfied with this. In fact, the bigger your janitorial services are, the more of these little forms are going to come in and flood your company inbox.

On the other hand, going the old-fashioned route may not be the best idea either. Do you tell them to send a formal letter? Do they have to actually drive up to your office and demand to see you? If you do, then it shouldn’t surprise you that your clients dislike all the trouble they have to go through.

And why should they? These are your clients! No doubt you had to generate a lot of cleaning business leads before you encountered them. Are you aware that any bad referral on their part will impede any future lead generation campaigns? You should be! Therefore, your customer service should be ready to address any problems that come up without asking too much on your client’s part.

Now janitorial telemarketing doesn’t always have to be for the sake of finding and pursuing business prospects. You can use the same telemarketers to receive complaints and even inbound inquiries from referred prospects. Either way, the point is to make things easier for them to get in touch with you and know you’ve heard them. You don’t even have to do away with your previous system. It’s not like the inbound telemarketing strategy is flawless either. You just have to give your clients more options and in any of these options, you have to be very efficient in reception and response.

Furthermore, you need to really show that you’ve been listening. Remember, the problem with the flooded inbox? Another reason why it’s unsatisfactory is because the client on the other end doesn’t see you taking any action. When you’ve heard the complaint and think it’s worth addressing, quickly set an appointment! These don’t have to ask prospects to drive all the way to your office. You just need to talk to your prospect and show them that you’re a real person, you received their complaint, and you were actually listening!

Complaints and conflicts are always expected in any business relationship. Ensuring that complaints don’t happen isn’t the only way to ease strains in that relationship. You may not be able to fully prevent them but you can improve the way you receive and respond to them. Improvise the way your clients file their complaints and don’t forget to show them that you’ve really been listening!

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