Gain More Exposure With Outsourced Telemarketing

Commercial cleaning and janitorial services are often overlooked industries and as such, taken for granted. However, cleanliness is still important to the health and stability of any urban environment be it an office, school, library etc. The demand for it is indeed guaranteed but also quite subtle. Those who run an office or some other similar building simply just pick the first cleaning company they look up or the one closest to them and done deal. On the side of those within the industry however, that results in a surprisingly high (or at least constant) demand because of the simple fact that your business is a staple.

It takes a lot to keep a building even decently clean and businesses like it that way for their offices even if they don’t say so immediately. You not only know this but your competitors do to, hence those who often get the most attention are the ones who automatically get call, close a deal, and gain more profit.

That’s the greatest risk about being in a staple industry. Staples are usually taken for granted but they’re acquired nonetheless before they move on to more pressing issues. This means that the first one who gets their attention is most likely the only one they’ll ever go to. Cleaning leads come in faster when you have more people knowing about your janitorial services to the point that its name might even be at the top of search engine results. Those who don’t have that exposure risk staying that way and risk drying out till they rot because everyone’s going to their competitor.

Of course, getting exposure might be too expensive. You’re a B2B business but at the same time, you don’t have any resources that can help you gain attention in the most effective and appropriate way. Make no mistake, B2B marketing isn’t easily compared to things like mainstream advertising. Instead, you have things like targeted email and even telemarketing. This poses problems in the form of spam filters and telemarketing regulations (especially when you’re in countries Australia or Canada.)

B2B leads need to be approached and pursued individually because even an office cleaning company needs to know a bit more about who they’re going to be sending their people to. The same goes on the prospect’s side. They’d want to know about how you handle your people, your compliance with labor laws, what the rates are etc.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you outsource to lead generation companies so you can get that information and at the same time, at least get word out that your competitors aren’t the only cleaning company available. As far as the telemarketing ones go, you can look to them as well. You just have to make sure that they’re experienced and comply with national regulations (like those firms telemarketing in Australia). Remember though, your goal is to get as much exposure (and as much information) as possible so that in the end, you’ll have more companies turning to you first.

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